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Cat People Would Eat Oscar (“It’s an honor just being nominated!”)

I’m writing this on the day after the airing of the Academy Awards. I didn’t watch it this year, as I believe the annual awards show meant even less than it does most years. The big fuss the PC wankers made over last year’s Oscars, raising hell about the lack of “diversity,” while potentially a valid issue, guaranteed that there would be a shit-ton of black actors, actresses, and projects nominated this year. Lo and behold, the Oscars this time around saw more black performers nominated than ever before. Who coulda seen that coming? It’s sad, because those people with darker skin who won will now have to always wonder, “Did they vote for me because they honestly thought I was that good, or just because I was black?” (There was apparently some sort of huge snafu; that’s what happens when you put the focus on politics.) And, too, I know for a fact that whoever won the award for best actor couldn’t have been any better than James MaCavoy in SPLIT. So no, I don’t credit the Oscars with much legitimacy and no, I didn’t watch them.

This week is a good time, though, to look at some performances that SHOULD have won Oscars. According to the writer of this article, that esteemed group includes Jeff Goldblum for THE FLY, Christopher Walken for THE DEAD ZONE, Jack Nicholson for THE SHINING, and Jamie Lee Curtis for HALLOWEEN. Good choices. The article also mentions Angela Bettis’s performance in MAY as a possibility (I concur), or Chloe Moretz’s in LET ME IN (another worthy selection). I was a little surprised to see Nastassja Kinski “nominated” for the remake of CAT PEOPLE. I do recall Kinski as being good in the role, but has the nominator ever seen the 1942 ORIGINAL? Simone Simon in Val Lewton’s and Jacques Tourneur’s CAT PEOPLE—now there was lady who deserved an Oscar!

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The Evil Cheezman • March 9, 2017

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