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Castlevania’s Cornell

Time to get all geeky on your asses. Cornell the werewolf was the main playable character of Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness on the Nintendo 64. He’s also a playable character in Castlevania: Judgment on the Wii and there’s a rumor that he will be in the upcoming game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Spoilers ahead!

Cornell’s story is quite vast, so we’ll just stick with the basics here (wouldn’t want to ruin the games for you anyhow). Anyway, Cornell is a member of a warrior clan that have been cursed to turn into beast-men, however, due to extreme training he is the only member of his clan with the power to control his change. He was also the only one to be able to break the seal on the Man Beast power that the ancients had created. This earned him the name “Blue Crescent Moon.” It also caught the attention of Dracula, who wanted Cornell to join his forces, but he refused. Cornell’s only goals are to protect his sister Ada and to cure the curse.

One day while Cornell was out training he found himself unable to control his powers and was stuck in beast form. He encountered Aeon, a time traveler, who told him that he had entered a time rift. Aeon then told him the time rift would let him learn more about the nature of his curse. After battling several champions from different eras, he learns from Carmilla and Death that they still need him, and is told that there may be a cure for him.

Eventually Cornell returns to his own era, 1844. He comes home to find his village in flames, and his sister Ada kidnapped. Going after his sister’s kidnappers he discovered that Dracula’s castle had risen again and that his fellow man-beast Ortega had kidnapped his sister. After lots of fighting, Cornell learns that Ada had been captured to be used as a sacrifice for Count Dracula.

In the end, Cornell fights Dracula (of course) and wins! Not only does he save his sister, but he is also freed from his curse. Now fully human, he and his sister live a normal life.

If you’ve played the games then you know damn well I cut out a lot – but leaving out some much gives people a reason to play and learn ALL the little details. So go play!

– Moonlight

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moonlight • September 8, 2010

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