Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has Werewolves, Woot!

Konami has been teasing us like a $80 whore, with all these screenshots of the latest game in the Castlevania series. It’s actually more like a reboot of some of their previous games, but now, they’ve finally let slip some pretty huge news, –there are werewolves in the game! And from the look of the screenshots, these fast-moving, limb-tearing monsters look pretty decent in the graphics. And speaking of graphics, –the in-game scenery is gorgeous! Check out the gallery to see the game shots!

Basically, the plot of the game isn’t following any kind of real Castlevania thread, –the original games were part of a series, with their own mythology. Many Castlevania fans may actually avoid the game because it’s basically just a ‘remake’ of the original series, a spin-off, –a little like Dirge of Cerberus, from the Final Fantasy franchise. The only difference is, this game will probably suck a lot less than DoC.

This new reboot of Castlevania will have the traditional features that made the original series so popular; platforming, battle, and puzzles, –and of course! a protagonist that uses a whip! The game takes place during the ‘end of days’, with plenty of apocalyptic graphics and scenery. The Lords of Shadow have thrown off the balance between Heaven and Earth, so it’s up to your character, whip-wielding Gabriel Belmont, to save the day.  As of yet, Konami has not released a definitive date for the game’s premier, but they have stated that the games will be released for XBox 360 and PS3.

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