Career Advice for the Ambitious Werewolf

Being a werewolf can seem like a major lifestyle disruption; suddenly, your senses have changed, you’re sensitive to sounds and smell like never before, you’re eating differently, and you might even have killed a few innocent people. But in no way does this mean that you should have to suffer a major upheaval in your career. In these economically uncertain times, why aim for minimum wage and treat your unique ability like a curse? Use your senses, and newfound enhancements to your advantage!

  • Chemist/Microbiologist – Still all choked up about being a werewolf?physician-scientist Well, then pursue a career in scientist; you could find a cure for the werewolf disease, or curse, and study your own chemical makeup compared to that of humans. Just be sure to keep your studies a secret; who knows, along the way you might discover the cure for cancer!
  • Barber/Hairdresser/Aesthetician – Few others aside from werewolves understand the struggle with unwanted hair, and the perfect shave. If you understand this plight, go into hairdressing, spa, or barber school, and get certified. There’s good money in straight razor shaving, waxing women (or men), or cutting hair; plus, it’s a great way to de-stress your subconscious or conscious issues with hair.
  • Wolf Preservationist – If you love wolves, and want to preserve your full-blooded brethren, you are no doubt one of the most passionate people to pursue a career in preserving wildlife, such as wolves. After all, you know what it’s like to be one! You’ll also have plenty of ideal wilderness close at hand should you want to travel deep into the woods to transform.
  • Zookeeper – If you love animals, and animals seem to respond well to zookeeperyour new biological makeup, then working in a zoo would be an excellent career! Perhaps working with predatory carnivores will be the best fit for you, since as a werewolf, you’ll be on the same wavelength.
  • Private Investigator/Police – As a private investigator, you’ll pursue criminals, or find people; with your new hyper-senses, this will be a piece of cake! The differences between working privately and working with other police though, is the privacy to go about your investigation your own way. There’s also no chance of being scheduled to work on the night of a full moon. Keep these things in mind, and an almanac close at hand.
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer – If you have issues with our current criminallawyer justice system, you can finally do something about it; new senses will easily aid you in determining whether or not your client is innocent. If your client is guilty, who says you can’t botch the job somehow? It’s not like you have to worry too much about his buddies coming to pay you a visit. Unless they have silver bullets, they’ll be in for a hell of a surprise.

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