Captain America: Man & Wolf

While scanning Marvel’s website for news on a comic I read I got distracted and accidently stumbled across something entirely different, something hilarious and ridiculous all at once – Capwolf! Captain America in werewolf form in a werewolf storyline. Yes! Hardcore Captain America fans already know all about Capwolf, apparently it has been a long ongoing joke in the world of comic geekery, but I am new to this bit of comic history and I think it’s just silly enough to be awesome.

Captain America: Man & Wolf was published January 2011 and inside of its covers it tells the tale of our hero battling it out with werewolves. The Captain America versus werewolves arc came out long before this, but this collection features all of the Capwolf adventures together in one book.

Check out the official plot description:

“What has brown fur, fangs and a star-spangled shield? Why, it’s Capwolf! When old Cap foes Dredmund Druid and Deadly Nightshade begin mass-producing werewolves, Captain America investigates—only to become one himself! How will the world’s greatest Avenger get out of this one? Featuring a rare battle between Cap and Wolverine, and guest-starring Cable, Wolfsbane and Doctor Druid!”

See! See how awesome that is! I kind of want to buy this book right now. It sounds pretty fantastic, even if it is Captain America, who is one of my least favorite comic book heroes. I do love me some werewolf comic action though, so I just might ignore my dislike for Cap and give this one a read.

What do you guys think of Captain America: Man & Wolf? Have any of you read it, if so, what did you think? If, like me, you’re new to Capwolf, do you think you’ll give the comic a shot?

– Moonlight

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  1. Never heard of it. As far a superheroes go my knowledge is restricted to TV shows. I have a friend whose father once owned a comic-book store though. I’ll ask him if he knows anything.

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