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Cannibals In Love

Damn, there’s a lot of depravity in the news this week–and I’m not talking about the usual political garbage to which we are subjected on a daily basis. I’m talking a more overt kind of depravity. A cannibal murderer might not have any more morality than your typical politician (or President) and vice versa, but the cannibal killers are at least honest about their depravity. Over at our sister site vampires.com I reported on a man who scalped, exsanguinated, and tortured his girlfriend to death. In the same week, here’s this report of a cannibal couple who may have killed and eaten as many as 30 people in Russia. Hey, the couple that slays together stays together. Or should that be “flays” together?

In true Dahmerian fashion, the two freakazoids would first drug their victims into unconsciousness, then skin them and chop them up for food. They saved the leftovers by freeing them or pickling them. They also, like Dahmer, served human flesh to their unsuspecting peers.

It should be noted that the photo circulating with this report, the same one I’ve featured above, depicts the alleged MALE cannibal, but there is some confusion as to whether the female pictured is his accomplice/wife or one of their victims. It would be a shame for the two to become confused. Anybody able to throw some light on this?

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The Evil Cheezman • October 3, 2017

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