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Can Players Turn Into Werewolves in ‘Bloodborne’?

A rumor based on old wiki entries, item descriptions, and in-game animations is convincing some players that ‘Bloodborne’ characters can transform into werewolves.

Do you want the short answer? Maybe there isn’t one… Some rumors are true, as the source points out; if you beat Metroid fast enough, Samus takes off her armor, –but there probably isn’t a jetpack hidden anywhere in San Andreas, and Lara Croft never gets naked. Bloodborne is terrific, and now, let the rumors, theories, and in-game mystery-searching commence! Rumors aren’t entirely unfounded, and the searching for deeper, hidden systems and secrets are not that crazy.

The studio, From Software, is notorious for being ambiguous about what may or may not be allowed to happen in-game, and they do hide tidbits and information in the game. And so naturally, the rumors start circulating that Bloodborne‘s hunters are werewolves, because the game and its mythos do have plenty of werewolves, –and the implications throughout the game of the Hunters’ being beasts are endless, –there are partial transformations after consuming Beast Pellets, the Hunters’ limbs turning into claws, a mysterious illness being treated with the blood of infected beasts… we need more players, delving into the Bloodborne universe, –so just hang in there guys, eventually, some ubernerd is going to unravel everything you ever wanted to know about the game and its dirty little secrets.

source: gamerant.com

annimi • April 9, 2015

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