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Bundy’s Last Meal

Continuing with the whole “Ted Bundy is big news again thanks to Zac Efron” thing, here’s the latest. This linked article promises to tell us “The Reason Ted Bundy’s Last Meal Was Medium-Rare Steak Is Upsetting”. Before reading beyond the headline, I’d suspected they were going to try to force some reference to cannibalism. To my knowledge, Ted Bundy wasn’t a cannibal. A sadist, yes. A necrophile. An inhuman monster in human form. Pure evil. All of the above. But not a cannibal. He did enjoy biting his victims, but cannibalism was the purview of Bundy’s kindred spirit Jeffrey Dahmer.

It turns out that Bundy didn’t request a last meal. The rare steak was chosen by the people working in the kitchen at the prison where he was being held before execution. I’m afraid I don’t get why that was supposed to be upsetting. Are you upset by this news? I can’t say that I am. If anything I’m disappointed that the article failed to follow through with the promise suggested in its lurid headline. Bundy didn’t want anything special for his last meal. Ooooh, scary!

Look, I get it. Bundy is newsworthy right now because of that damn movie. But there’s enough material in his bio to wring out thousands upon thousands of articles. There’s no need to resort to irrelevant minutiae for fodder.

The Evil Cheezman • May 21, 2019

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