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brotherhood_of_the_wolfThis werewolf movie is a few years old now but I thought I’d give it some love anyway. This foreign film got excellent reviews and has an unexpected and excellent ending that you just have to love; so of course we’d have to give it it’s own post.

First off, like I said above this is a foreign film, meaning it’s all in French. You can switch it to English but personally I found that annoying so I kept it in French and just put on the English subtitles.

The movie was inspired by actual events during the 1700s in France, during the reign of King Louis XV. The story follows the myth of the “Beast of Gevaudan,” which took the lives of many in France before being defeated under mysterious circumstances.

The enigmatic Beast had been terrorizing Gevaudan for two years, attacking women and children for the most part. The Beast was said to be absolutely gigantic and monstrous. For years it spread fear throughout all of France.

Cue Gregoire de Fronsac, the courageous man sent by the King to find the Beast and destroy it, with the help of his companion Mani, a Mohawk Indian. The two stay at the home of old Marquis D’Apcher’s, whose grandson, Thomas, serves as their guide. Fronsac then meets Mariane De Morangias as well as a prostitute named Sylvia, which of course ads a bit of sex and drama to the story.

Over time the Beast’s killings increase and the King eventually gets fed up with waiting on Fronsac, so he adds another hunter to the mix, Antoine de Beauterne. I wont give away anymore of the story but lets just say things don’t work out well with Beauterne. Eventually Mani takes charge of the hunt and nothing can prepare them for what they discover.

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