Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the Worst Film of the Year

I thought that the MANY Twi-haters here would be thrilled to know that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 has been listed as one of the worst movies of 2012. One of the worst. The film landed a horrible 11 Golden Raspberry Awards nominations earlier this week, leading all other movies in the annual roundup of the year’s worst films. I guess not even the love of Twi-hards couldn’t save this flick from the wrath of the Razzies.

bd2For the 33rd Annual The Raspberry Awards The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 was nominated for:

  • Worst Film
  • Worst Director (Bill Condon)
  • Worst Actor (Robert Pattinson)
  • Worst Actress (Kristen Stewart)
  • Worst Supporting Actress (Ashley Greene)
  • Worst Supporting Actor (Taylor Lautner)
  • Worst Screen Ensemble
  • Worst Screenplay
  • Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel
  • Worst Screen Couple (Mackenzie Foy and Taylor Lautner AND Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart)

Yeah, 11 Razzie nominations. Pretty damn bad. Breaking Dawn Part 2 dominated the nominations this year, it even beat out Adam Sandler’s That’s My Boy (which got 8 noms).

Razzies will be handed out February 23, the day before this year’s Academy Awards.

What do you think about Breaking Dawn Part 2 being nominated for so many Razzies? Was is as bad as they are making it out to be? I haven’t seen Breaking Dawn 1 or 2, so I can’t say how I feel about the nominations (although, I HATED the book, so I don’t imagine the movies are better).

Share your thoughts below on Breaking Dawn Part 2’s Raspberry Award nominations.

– Moonlight

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  1. I heard it was horrible (haven’t seen it), which would make sense…because the previous Twilight films were awful too. You’d think the acting would have improved at least a little bit, but nope. And the CGI ‘wolves’ still look stupid.

  2. I thought the movie was good. (MUCH BETTER THAN THE BOOK) And personally I thought Taylor did a good job (Ashley Green too). But I 100% agree that Kristen and Rob were horrible, especially Kristen. She’s the worst actor in the entire universe, my pet cat would of done a better job. And yes the CGI wolves looked kind of silly (real wolves would have been better) but they weren’t to bad. I don’t think it was the worst movie of the year but if your not a fan (even a little bit) then you wouldn’t have liked the movie. Even the actually fans were outraged because the movie had an extra part that wasn’t in the book. It didn’t even effect the ending. I think the sequence made the movie. Without it (even being a fan) I might have hated it too. It wasn’t a horrible movie but it was long and kind of dull (just like the last book) but overall (except for the creepy relationship between Jacob and Nessie) it was a good ending to the saga. Hopefully they leave it at that and don’t ruin it with a stupid tv show or another movie.

  3. That’s rather horrible. The CGI of the werewolves… or rather the Quileute tribe shape-shifters were the best feature once you got to the second movie and after.

  4. Yeah, I saw it and I couldn’t stop laughing! It was that bad. The werewolves were the only redeeming quality of it. Thats it, just the werewolves

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