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Boy the Witch-Dog

To quote Sophia Petrillo from THE GOLDEN GIRLS, picture it: England. The 15th Century, during the English Civil War. Forces loyal to the king were pitted against the fundamentalist forces of Cromwell. Prince Rupert of the Rhine, nephew of the British monarch King Charles I, was so fierce and successful in battle that it was believed he was a practitioner of black magic. And his familiar was a witch-dog named Boy. Rupert came into possession of the dog while being held prisoner in Austria, bringing it back with him to the battlefront in England. The anti-Royalist “Roundheads” were so afraid of this dog that when it was killed at the Battle of Marston Moor in 1644, they publicly announced its passing by the printing of a pamphlet. It was big news!

Or maybe the pamphlet was actually printed by the Royalists, as a way of making fun of the Roundheads. (As if them being called “Roundheads” wasn’t enough of a reason to make fun of them.) Either way, according to the pamphlet, OBSERVATIONS UPON PRINCE RUPERT’S WHITE DOG CALLED BOY, Boy could talk, shapeshift, see into the future, and would even transform into a woman so that it could have sex with its master!

(Wait, Boy was a white dog? That doesn’t seem to fit. He should be coal-black, like Black Shuck!)

The Evil Cheezman • May 31, 2019

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