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-Box Office Bloodbath

Horror is doing just fine at the box office these days. BRIGHTBURN, which is great, has made 24 million thus far. That might not sound like a lot, relatively speaking, but considering it only cost five million to make, that’s a big profit. We might get a sequel. And while I have not seen MA, as I was watching GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS instead, the former movie raked in 21 million in its opening weekend, and it also only had a budget of five million. And while the magnificent GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS only brought in $49 million domestically—this is only considered disappointing because the movie cost some 180 million to make (and it shows on the screen; by all means, go see this movie!!!)—it made some 130 million internationally, which is better bank than the 2014 original made. Also the follow-up GODZILLA VS. KONG will be opening in the spring next year, when there is far less competition at the box office. There is reason to be hopeful that we’ll see more kaiju on the big screen.

Consider, too, that the year has already seen the beefy economic performances of films like PET SEMATARY. Yep, Horror is doing just fine.

And then there’s HELLBOY. After just five weeks, the film has been pulled from theaters. It brought in only 40 million, total, and it cost 50 million to make. That’s a big flop. Sadly, this means we’ll be seeing no more Hellboy movies. They really screwed the pooch on this one by not allowing Guillermo Del Toro to finish his proposed trilogy.

The Evil Cheezman • June 13, 2019

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