Book Review: MONSTRO BIZARRO by Lyle Blackburn

I was excited when I received a copy of MONSTRO BIZARRO to review. I have read and enjoyed the previous works from Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn: THE BEAST OF BOGGY CREEK: THE TRUE STORY OF THE FOUKE MONSTER, in which Blackburn reexamines the historic rash of creature sightings that spawned the cult classic film THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK—as well as chronicling all the incidents and sightings that have taken place in the decades SINCE the movie was filmed; and LIZARD MAN: THE TRUE STORY OF THE BISHOPVILLE MONSTER. Both are scholarly yet highly readable endeavors, compilations of all extant evidence, and while Blackburn freely offers his own educated guesses regarding the two legendary beasts, he commits to allowing the questions to remain unanswered.

Readers looking for such in-depth coverage of monster sightings in MONSTRO BIZARRO will be disappointed. A compendium of material culled from RUE MORGUE magazine and other sources, several of the articles/passages in the slim volume are not written by Blackburn at all. Moreso Blackburn acts as a sort of ringmaster, overseeing and directing, occasionally chipping in. Even so, even lacking the substance of Blackburn’s other books, MONSTRO BIZARRO is a fun read, a goulash of goodies ranging from accounts of monster sightings to a reasonably comprehensive list of movies featuring cryptid subjects—and with an introduction provided by one of the guys who wrote/directed THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT to fill-in the gaps betwixt the subjects. Does it cover all the bases? No. But it’s breezy, colorful fun.

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By The Evil Cheezman

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