Boo Boo Stewart will Play Seth Clearwater in Eclipse

Just a couple of days ago I wrote a post on how Julia Jones will be playing Leah Clearwater in the movie Eclipse, which will be released June 30, 2010. While Leah was the first new wolf I thought of when considering which ones we meet see, another wolf we’ll be introduced to in Eclipse is Seth Clearwater, Leah’s younger brother. And after finding out who would be playing Leah, I had to find out who would take on the role of Seth.

And that would be Boo Boo Stewart. If ¬†you’ve never heard of Boo Boo before, it might be because he’s only 15 years old. But he’s still got a lot of entertainment experience under his belt. He’s mostly known for his role as Ben in The Conrad Boys , an independent film, and in addition to Eclipse, he also has another independent project coming up, American Cowslip. But Boo Boo hasn’t only done independent work. He’s also been on many television shows such as Everybody Hates Chris, ER, and Dante’s Cove. Boo Boo landed the role after auditioning in LA after the open casting calls.

I was first wary when I heard of Boo Boo. I mean come on, what kind of name is that? And I actually held it against him even a little more once I heard that’s his stage name, meaning that he actually chose it. But, he actually looks sort of perfect for the part and has oodles of acting experience under his belt, especially seeing as how he’s only 15 years old. And matching him up with Julia Jones seems like a really good fit to me too.

We’re sure to see much more of Boo Boo after Eclipse is released this summer. These movies do huge things for the career of anyone who’s in them. Oh, and Boo Boo’s real name by the way, is Nils Stewart. Which I also happen to think is a much better ‘stage’ name.

– Kate


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