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Blue Eyes Howlin’ In The Hills

Coyotes in California have been seen by witnesses, these former sporting bright blue eyes. This would either be a case of a genetic mutation or else a group of stereotypical California surfer girls are in actuality were-coyotes. Folklore is full of accounts of werewolves who were recognized while in lupine form because of their eyes, because their eyes alone were not physically transformed when the person transitioned from a man into a beast. Which of these possibilities is the most likely, do you think? I expect it is the genetic mutation.

Five blue-eyed coyotes have been documented in Santa Cruz/Sacramento area. Scientists believe the mutation to be a random result and not resulting from an interbreeding with domesticated dogs. Says Marc Bekoff, an ecologist and evolutionary biologist with the University of Colorado: “It’s a very interesting phenomenon and there needs to be much more research before people make wide-ranging pronouncements about what’s happening.”

One thing we can safely rule out as a causative factor in the mutation: inbreeding. Coyotes don’t permit inbreeding in their packs. From the article: “Typically, a dominant male and female coyote don’t let subordinates in the pack bear cubs, which prevents inbreeding and pushes younger members out into the world. Transient younger males forced out must establish their own packs, or find another that will accept them.”

Huh. I didn’t know that. Good for them.

The Evil Cheezman • February 15, 2019

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