Bloodborne is Going to Kick Your Ass… And You’re Going to Like It

“The werewolves, zombies, giants, and giant werewolf zombies are meticulously built and thoroughly creepy, to a one.” 

I’m so excited about getting this game… I’ll get it eventually, I never buy games new, because they’re too expensive. I wait till I can get them at GameStop, –that does mean I miss release parties sometimes, but that’s okay. Not too many nerds out this way anyhow. I’ve heard nothing but good things from everyone I know who’s played it, –and even though I’m not entirely sure what a giant werewolf zombie is, I know that I can probably kill if it given a few dozen chances.

On the other hand, I’m kind of scared to get it too. I have a tendency to rage-quit… but what’s worse than my rage quitting, is my roommate’s controller snapping. He’s gone through six controllers, and right now, we only have one good one. If he breaks my PS3 controller, I’ll have to kill him. Nope, I’m definitely still excited. I haven’t been scared by a game since Dead Space and Dead Space 2, so I’m more than ready to see something disturbing. Have any of y’all played it yet?

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