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BLOOD MOON: Worth 90 minutes of your time?

Poor direction and lackluster cinematography unravel any potential for fun or scares in Jeremy Wooding’s new film ‘Blood Moon.

Well, that depends. Is it a great movie? No. Is it even a GOOD movie? Well . . . Okay, but is it one of those delightful cinematic sojourns that is “so bad, it’s good,” something in the same creative vein as Ed Wood’s masterful PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE? Afraid not.

It has been said that a Horror flick can be good, which is fine, or it can be bad, which is also fine. The only thing it could be that is unforgivable is MEDIOCRE. Unfortunately BLOOD MOON leans more toward this latter designation, which is a pity, considering it had such potential. A Horror WESTERN? A werewolf film heavily steeped in Native American lore and mysticism? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Too bad BLOOD MOON fails to fully deliver on that promising premise. It isn’t awful; it just could have been better.

Still, I recommend checking it out for the werewolves. In an age where CGI effects have become as much a curse as a blessing, responsible for detracting from films by gifting audiences with cartoonish monsters and poor transformation sequences, BLOOD MOON mostly relies on old-fashioned practical effects to present us with some cool-looking werewolf action. For that, if nothing else, they deserve mad props.

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The Evil Cheezman • September 6, 2015

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