Bleeding Medicine

greenwerewolfCome closer, gather round and have a seat, I’ve got a story you boys and gals. Once upon a time… haha kidding. Ok ok, serious now. This story comes straight from Sicilian folklore and is about a wealthy nobleman who was cursed by the full moon. Ba ba buuuum! Cue the thunderclaps and heavy wind.

When the full moon rose, this nobleman magically transformed into an uncontrollable feral wolf, with a hunger for flesh. He trusted only one with this secret and that was one of his servants. When the nobleman transformed, this servant would take him to the piazza and let him loose. There he would stalk the streets, killing those that were roaming about that late. One night while he was on the prowl he came across a soldier who wasn’t afraid like the others were. This brave soldier boldly faced the wolf, and, drawing his sword, slashed it across its face, cutting its forehead. Sticky, black blood oozed out – curing the man of his werewolf curse. The wolf fell, whining and crying at the soldier’s feet, slowly changing back into human form. The nobleman was incredibly happy and even rewarded the soldier for releasing him from the werewolf curse that he suffered from for so long.

Right about now you are probably scratching your head wondering how the hell that makes sense, well, let me explain. Back in the day a common form of “curing” someone that was sick was to bleed them. On you have the sniffles? Let’s just drain a pint of blood from you. You have a bad cough? Another couple pints. See, they thought all diseases and sicknesses were carried in the blood, so taking the blood out also took out whatever was ailing you. So this was the idea behind curing a werewolf, bleeding it. In this tradition they thought that werewolf blood was black and has the consistency of tar and even taking a little bit from a werewolf’s veins would be enough to cleanse the victim of the curse.

There are a handful of stories similar to the one above. They all have the same general idea of curing a werewolf by bleeding him. Amazing what was once believed before “science” caught on, eh? But then, some still believe it and who are we to say what’s what?

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    1. I suppose that, like vampires, it really depends on what you believe a werewolf is. Is it the movie versions or the ancient folklore version?

  1. werewolves and (unfortunately) vampires are real in my beleif. yet i knoe so much more about vampires than depends on whether or not your the kind to beleive such things or not. your choice…

    1. 1 r u a werewolf or no 1
      2 if u or no 1 r i am writing a book about them (fictional book thing) is there anything you can tell me wat being a werewolf is like
      thx :D

  2. Yes Amanda, Werewolves are real. I am one and those who don’t believe in it would be foolish to take it as a joke. Vampires may be able to control themselves for the most part, but unfortunatly for us wolves it is more of a challenge. Once in our wolf forms our minds only revolve around a couple things. Blood, Meat, Kill, Fight, Survive. Thats about it. If you wish to believe you may have better chances of avoiding this hell. If you don’t, well those are usually the humans that get bit first.

  3. I think that this pictiure is great,He would make a fuckin damned good guard dog! Imagine the warning plaque on the gate,Then call him Fluff.

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