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Black Phillip in the Mail! Or, The Mandela Effect Hits Close To Home

You’ve all heard about the Mandela Effect, right? It’s this theory concerning parallel realities, and it explains why lots of people have clear memories of Nelson Mandela having died in a South African prison in the 1980s when he didn’t really die until 2013, or why the Berenstain Bears used to be spelled BerenstEin Bears. (Note: It DID. I am certain of it.) It’s because those of us who remember things differently at some point, without realizing it, crossed over from a parallel reality into this one. It’s true. I just today experienced something comparable. I clearly remember my lovely wifey and I going to see THE WITCH. We sat spellbound (pardon the pun), sharing a whispered exclamation of “Wow!” as the closing credits started to roll.

Today my Black Phillip Funko figure, which I had ordered several months ago, finally arrived in the mail. “What’s that?” my lovely better half asked. “It’s Black Phillip!” I proclaimed. “You know, from THE WITCH!” “Oh, yeah,” she muttered. “I remember that movie. I wasn’t crazy about it.” “What?” I said. “No, you loved it.” “No I didn’t,” she replied. “I didn’t even like it.”

So the question now is, did she cross over from a parallel reality…or did I?

The Evil Cheezman • July 27, 2018

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