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Black Phillip Gets His Own Action Figure

Yeah, you don’t need for me to tell you who Black Phillip is. And now Funko, the coolest production company on the planet, is releasing a Funko figure of the demonic goat. Yes, I will be buying it, and I’m betting you will be, too.

In real life, Black Phillip is portrayed by a goat named Charlie, who also appeared in the film IT COMES AT NIGHT. Charlie is nothing like his onscreen persona in THE WITCH, unless you ask actor Ralph Ineson, who claims that Phillip “hated” him. (In fairness, Charlie did send Ineson, who he outweighed by a good fifty pounds, to the hospital.) Writer/director Robert Eggers also found Charlie difficult to work with, but not because Charlie was too violent. Much the opposite, in fact. Charlie preferred lying down to performing, refusing to answer Eggers’ calls of “Action!” (Sometimes the expression “stubborn as a mule” is rendered “stubborn as a goat,” so this isn’t all that surprising.

The Black Phillip Funko is expected to hit store shelves in June.

There is also a Black Phillip brand hard cider, if you’re feelin’ thirsty. But it’s only available August through October.

“Black Phillip, Black Phillip, A crown grows out his head.
Black Phillip, Black Phillip, To nanny queen is wed.
Jump to the fence post, Running in the stall.
Black Phillip, Black Phillip, King of all.
Black Phillip, Black Phillip, King of sky and land,
Black Phillip, Black Phillip, King of sea and sand.
We are ye servants, We are ye men.
Black Phillip eats the lions From the lions’ den.”

The Evil Cheezman • May 25, 2018

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