Black Fantasy Championed by Ancient African Mythology Comic Series Following Egyptian Werewolves

‘The Pack,’ from New York-based artist Paul Louise-Julie, is a new graphic novel series about a group of Egyptian werewolves.

There aren’t enough black fantasy authors in the world; so much amazing literary potential is completely untapped to there, –and I wonder if it is necessarily because it’s a genre that no other ethnicity feels comfortable covering? People of varying ethnicities cover a variety of historical fiction topics, but it seems to me like African history has been avoided, and covered less. Anyway, I’m really excited about this graphic novel series, since it comes from such rich inspiration: werewolves, Egyptians, ancient Africa. A perfect backdrop for a lot of amazing adventures. 

Paul Louise-Julie lived in Africa, collected folklore and mythology, and wanted to create a world, a universe that had nothing to do with the politics of this world, or social commentary on racism. You can see some excellent samples from the series on the source article, as well as read the full story behind Paul’s inspiration to take up the pen and create something new and amazing.

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