Bill Schnoebelen Talks About His Werewolf Friends

Recently, I completed a long piece covering ‘Interview with an Ex Vampire‘, on, –sort of an expose on the whacked out things that people can be led to believe, as long as an old guy who looks like Santa Claus tells them it’s true. Bill Schnoebelen, if you’d never heard of him, is …odd. He goes around, trying every religion out there, then later comes back to tell everyone that the religion he happens to be a part of now, is the correct one, and all the other ones (Latter Day Saints, Catholicism, Vampire, Voodoo, Satanism) are all times in his life when Lucifer ruled his mind and body. Although, through all this time Satan guided him, he claims he never wanted to do anything but be a caring guy who watched out for people, and be all goody goody for everyone. Oh, I forgot, he was a Freemason too.

Some of the most hilarious stories Bill tells however, come at the very end of the nine hour interview (that’s right, I watched the whole damn thing, and can still spell my own name, and count to ten, go me!) when he begins talking about his shapeshifter buddies and the werewolf people he knows. Or ‘Were-people’ as he calls them. At one point in his life, Bill says, he was on the road of Satanism, and couldn’t think of what his next step should be, and he had to choose, for some reason, to become either a vampire or a werewolf. Well, he heard from his shapeshifter and Were-people friends, that it was a very painful business, being a werewolf or shapeshifter, and so Bill chose vampire, since they’re very ‘erotic and sexy’. Watching skinny crazy Santa Claus say words like ‘erotic’ and ‘sexy’ were almost my breaking point, but I held in there.

Because although Bill Schnoebelen didn’t choose to become a vampire, he still has a ton of interesting stories about them. I’ll tell you a couple of my favorites (honestly though, I could talk forever, especially about the five-year-old who came to him at one point, and claimed he underwent scientific experiments at Disneyland, and traveled through the paths of the Tree of Life), and then turn you loose so you can tell other people, and then hopefully, once we’ve got a cycle going, this guy can stop trying to pimp his insanely long interview full of bullshit. Because that is all this is people, profiteering off of scare tactics; it was Satanism in the 80’s, Goths in the 90’s, and now vampires are back in the controversial spotlight.

But werewolves? Apparently, those are in style too! At one point, after they’ve sorted through vampires, Mormons, Catholics, Walt Disney, Freemasons, Satanists, Wiccans, Pagans, and more, the interviewer, Stephanie Relfe, asks “What is a werewolf?” and Schnoebelen responds by telling her that the term is ‘lycanthrope’ and that they are individuals that are ‘very highly’ demon possessed, –and I can only guess that that means they have either lots of demons, or are mostly under the control of one big demon. And they can transform into this wolf-like thing that is ‘seven to eight feet tall, weighs over three hundred pounds, and can rip your head off.” Relfe then asks, if based on Bill’s own experience ‘in context’ (which means in my opinion, that after just over eight hours of interviewing Schnoebelen, Relfe is now convinced the man is completely full of shit) werewolves are real. Bill responds by saying,

Yes, I think they are, and I was told while I was in the ‘Brotherhood of Satan that they were basically the assassin squad. If they wanted someone killed, and killed quickly and messily, then they would have one of their werewolf assassins go out and do it like the person had been mauled by a wild animal. … I’ve never seen a werewolf, but my wife has.

He then relates that while he was a minister, at a conference in Salt Lake City (apparently this was in his Mormon days), and his wife was alone, and she heard some pounding animal footsteps outside, then she saw something staring back in at her through the window. There were huge footprints outside the next morning, but the werewolf was never able to get in. This was because Bill says, the power of Yahweh was able to keep the werewolf ‘powered by demons’, out of the house.

The next story is told with plenty of revolting detail; he claims a woman came to him trying to get support after a divorce with her werewolf/airline pilot husband. He raped her while in werewolf form, Schnoebelen claims, and she had scars to prove it, as well as a (deformed?) child to prove it. The next story was one I mentioned in the post, but my favorite of all time, is when Bill recounts the tale of a Samoan Mormon Elder who transforms halfway into a “were-orangutan” in his passionate protest against the Christians who were preaching in a park, against the Mormon doctrine. My favorite, because it shows Bill’s blatant racism and prejudice, not to mention the best example of his lunacy. Oh, and that the last transformation scene in The Howling… was real. If you haven’t seen the interview, and are in need of a good laugh, –or if you enjoy Art Bell’s AM radio show, you’ll love Schnoebelen’s interview.


  1. How obsured. I refuse to believe that Lycanthropes have any ties to demons. Egyptian gods, perhaps, but full-fledged demons? How do you explain the “Hounds of God” with such blasphemy?

  2. I was a High degree freemason and oto memeber , and yes. they do some VERY fucked up shit.

    child sodomy ( i never did it though) , ritual torture and murder, rape , blood drinking…….most USA presidents and officials should be JAILED……trust me.

    i barley got out and had to change my name.

    but i never saw a werewolf or anything like that.

    just some really REALLY ugly women.

    1. That is written by a witch…that’s biased and doesn’t even contain any real info about him being fraudulant..

  3. U kno wat pple im not a lunitic or anything but u kno i happen to lik the idea of werewolves being real if i ran into one i would ask to b one and the story by watever tht dude was i dnt really lik it its fiction but the werewolf parts

  4. Whoever wrote this is full of shit, werewolfs are real, n i agree with bill are used as assessins an can change at will.. Stopp pushing this issue away from the light this is very real n people need to know that..

  5. Bravo Corvin. Your the only person that I have seen on this site so far with enough sense to see through the demonic distortions of the world and grab hold of a bit of truth. The satanic order does use them as assassins just as they do with vampires and these individuals are possessed by very powerful demons. I used to be possessed by a demon of vampirism myself and was in fact a Satanist. My entire ministry is about exposing Satan and his lies now. Good job on seeing through the darkness.

    1. There are entire paranormal shows dedicated to sightings of werewolves and the kicker is …they center around the mid-west. Strange coincidence?

  6. Personally I’ve never seen, known or heard of people being vampires or werewolves, but as a christian I DO believe that the bible is GOD’S inspired word (written by people who were inspired by the Holy Ghost) and the word says that Gods people (the Israelites) DID sacrifice their sons to a god named Moloch! This is scriptural FACT and the question that rational, intelligent human beings should ask is: Who is the god moloch? Or who is the ancient god Ra of the Egyptians? Or who is Zeus of the ancient Greeks? Who are these gods of any ancient group of pagans in antiquity? With a little bit of research anyone can do a historical bit of research and find the answers! They are all representative of the one who in scripture is styled as the ‘god of this world’, who prophets and apostles and priests called Satan, the adversary of God and man. In the book of genesis this ‘so-called god’ took the FORM OF A SERPENT to deceive the mother (Eve) of the human race and through her this enemy caused the downfall of her husband! There is alot on the internet about skin-walkers among native americans, shape-shifting demons who can control a human and change his form, about Egyptian hieroglyphs depicting annubis the jackal god and gods with heads of a crocodile and stag-heads. Is this just myth or is this truth? In my personal research on ancient mythology and history and the study of legends I’ve found that almost all of these have an element of truth. Does the devil have the power to change a human into a vampire or a werewolf? If he took the form of a serpent so long ago in the deception of our first parents then how do we know that his metamorphism he performs on himself, he can’t perform this same act on one of his ‘faithful’ worshippers? I am the one who in my research and searching for truth have to come to a logical, rational conclusion based on historical facts and above all inspired wisdom contained in Gods Word. Because I really don’t know the full extent of Satans power and abilities I can only at times speculate and that’s alright, but we should always keep an open mind and not let it be swayed with every ‘doctrine’ or idea that is posted! We should always have an attitude of prayer and reliance on the WORD in everything we observe or read and have our faith firmly grounded ON A SURE FOUNDATION WHO IS CHRIST JESUS!!! I Believe that HE is ‘THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE!’ Of this I am sure.

  7. I have been attacked by the illuminati Rex he lives in the international space station what goes on up there is sick lifeless because no gravity he is still controlled by the blood stealing elite the blood of the children replemishes the old sinister bastard he was born by his parents to be a tool of satan now he is satan don’t let face value fool you he keeps me alive because he can hear my thoughts through the breath of life which was givin to me by my god the same god as Buddha or Jesus the loving meek ones my life is constantly in danger I live on the island of Bermuda a cat holds a mouse under its paw until it’s ready to feast this is what they do to me he has asked me to kill my self many times why because he has done every thing but kill me so suicide should come easy for me a way out of he and his space teams tourture I have kids who love me so I have to live even though I’m not always there for them knowing they have a daddy is strength with in its self for I lost my dad at age 13 sometimes I hope to god he was not a lodge member for this could be the reason for his persistence a secret that’s never talked about the homosexual act on all fours turns your hands into claws never tried it ,demonic possession and hate can actually transform humans into creatures for what ever reasons males make this sacrifice the homosexual act up your butt the pain will cause your hands to grip the suffice your kneeling on like claws with the wrong winging werewolf vampires defiantly true the masons the illuminati may allow me to live may not why I can show you how the transformation into demonic creatures is in existence and I can show you pratical and not thery I will die fighting any creatures they send me my name is Phillion cassius Webb I live on the island of Bermuda I have been to the police they told me instead of Scottish rites do the Yorkshire right it’s quicker for the powers that are attacking you are beyond police proticution and convictions.they know I’m not crazy the mental health doctor told me to go along with the hazing don’t fight back because I will lose he offers me medication to keep me cool when I feel like blowing up the placeses like lodges the mesricordier there is so much that you ordinary people don’t know and because of the way you are all educated it would be hard for you to believe yet understand teaching people how to use hate to turn into a monsterous creature is a very real practice hitler was a product of this secret society teaching do you know anything at all about the opedius or Laius all animal transforming practices I feel sorry for people who really want a honest education.i have a question for those who know will I ever get justice or compinsated for the crimes committed against me if not I truly understand terrorist but there not going to make me one because their is a real heaven and a real hell every individual knows his place.

    1. Hey Phillion,
      that is intense stuff what you are describing, sounds like you have a story to tell! If I were you I would contact Randy Maugans at Off Planet, about the only good alternative radio show left out there. Even if you don’t want to come forward with your story I thank you for sharing your thoughts here! Feel free to reach out man.

  8. This guy reminds me of that Brice Taylor nut- she claims she was a sex slave for Bob Hope(!) and passed “top secret” messages to Henry Kissinger. She discovered all of this sex slave stuff after a woman helped her recover lost memories. She now runs a clinic that also “helps” people recover THEIR repressed memories too. Her book she put out, supposedly to expose this multi-national sex cult (that she was a star of, you know, because she’s so darn important) reads like a sex fantasy cooked up by my grandma, if my grandma was crazy. Her followers accuse you of being a disinfo agent(!!) if you dare to discredit or question her bizarre claims.

    1. That was most likely real… Sorry to break that to you, just because there is disinformation doesn’t mean that’s it’s all fake.

  9. I actually support Bill Schnoebelen. Rather than people bashing the guy, people should really look into the facts themselves before judging the man. I used to be possessed. I touched the occult myself and have seen some pretty creepy crap. I’ve done hypnotism, sonambulism, touched witchcraft, done sorcery (without drugs), became a medium for demonic spirits (new age calls it energy channeling), been outside of my body, and other things. I also was a former atheist. I explored all the major religions of the world, and they all have a connection to occultic things, except the Holy Bible, which is God’s word and truth. In addition to that, I’ve seen full fledged demonic manifestations. So, to mock Bill, is out of ignorance. I believe Vampires and Warewolves are real. Where else did we get our inspiration for our movies and entertainment from? You think that people just “made” this up? Shape shifting, spirit guides, and animal mophing are occultic practices in strange religions all fueled by demonic things. Magick is very real. Witchcraft is very real. But it is all portrayed as “fantasy,” which is very untrue. People didn’t come up with this stuff. It was handed down to them from higher powers and principalities. Those that have not touched spiritual things, have not seen the other side of the coin to this world. Those that haven’t explored cannot develop a proper opinion. Bill has my support on this one. The author, you’re ignorant, and probably haven’t seen very much spiritual things.

  10. It’s been my experience that only people who have literally no intelligence or will to understand someone else they disagree with, resort to calling them a “racist”. The term is radically overused and abused to the point, like in this article, of losing all credibility for the accuser.

    I feel sorry for the victims of real racism, as I do also for those falsely accused like the guy mentioned in this hateful article.

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