Bigfoot vs. Wendigo

This one doesn’t quite get my blood pumping the way thoughts of GODZILLA VS. KONG does, but it’s a close second. DAWN OF THE BEAST from Uncork’d Entertainment is available on DVD and video starting April 6th. And it’s from Bruce Wemple, the guy who did the pretty dang excellent MONSTROUS, so that’s another reason to get excited. (I do wonder why he didn’t just title it BIGFOOT VS. WENDIGOS, though, as this would have been a bigger attention-grabber, methinks. But then it also sounds like a cheesy B-movie, and MONSTROUS rose above such a classification, so maybe that’s why. Whatever. Call it what you want, Ima still wanna watch it. It’s Bigfoot fighting Wendigos.

Here’s the spin: “Aiming to see Bigfoot, a group of students venture deep into an area of the Northeastern wilderness known for its strange creature sightings. Soon, they learn that there is a much more sinister evil lurking in the woods, the Wendigo, and once the spirit knows you’re there, they will come for you. Who will survive in a battle between the two most notorious monsters of the forest?” And here’s the trailer. It’s dark. Not tonally, although that’s true enough. I mean it’s hard to see anything. It doesn’t provide much in the way of a glimpse at the monsters. Not that I’d expect it to. It just would have been nice.

By The Evil Cheezman

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