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Bigfoot Vs. Dogman

Who’d win in a fight? I know this is a site dedicated to werewolves, where we love werewolves and all manner of similar beasties, and I should be rooting for the Dogman. I have to be honest, though. I think a Bigfoot would clobber a Dogman. Why? Size matters. If we’re talking about the stereotypical Bigfoot, standing somewhere between eight and ten feet tall or better and weighing several hundred pounds, that’s just too big an advantage in terms of size and weight for a Dogman to overcome. Unless it’s a *huge* Dogman, Bigfoot-sized. Then the Dogman would win, because of its teeth and claws. Bigfeet are reported to have fangs, too, sometimes, but not fangs like a Dogman is reported to have, fangs just like a large wolf. The same is true with claws. Granted all that fur that Bigfoot sports might make it hard for a Dogman to do any serious damage with those claws.

The Dogman would have the advantage in terms of speed, I would think. But if the Bigfoot manages to connect with just one sledgehammer-like blow, it’s going to crush anything it connects with, and this includes Dogman bones. Bigfoot is just too damn big and strong.

The Evil Cheezman • April 16, 2019

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