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Being Human, Wolfman, Twilight Wolves, and True Blood in this Week’s Werewolf Bites!

There’s a lot going on in the werewolf world; hopefully that means that the reign of fruity vampire movies is coming to an end, and they’ll be shining the spotlight on werewolves again. Hopefully, The Wolfman didn’t ruin our street cred too badly. And speaking of:

Can you believe it, —The Wolfman won an Oscar for makeup!? Sure, fair enough, the makeup was okay, –there wasn’t as much CGI as one might have expect, so there -was- actual makeup work involved. Although, to be honest, the ‘makeup’ Oscar shouldn’t even be allowed to be given to anyone who has -ever- used CGI creature effects.

And elsewhere in the werewolf world, such as Being Human, things are getting pretty crazy. The werewolf ‘Josh’ on the North American remake of the hit show from the UK is pretty badass, but even can’t touch the new werewolves in England. As far as Josh goes, he’s having major issues with his mom… she thinks he’s gay for Aidan. Eek.

The werewolves of Twilight have invaded Canada! You lucky Canadian bitches… apparently, these guys are just walking around Vancouver, hanging out! If they snag a Canadian girlfriend, I think I’ll die of a broken heart.It’s bad enough we have to deal with the inevitability of defeat on Team Jacob… Seriously though, if I lived in Vancouver, I’d be spending a lot of time driving around praying for  a star sighting.

True Blood has some new werewolves coming to the cast, –in fact, of the new werewolves is a big badass, set to become Alcide’s new leader. How that will go, no one knows… yet. But I’m betting there’s definitely going to be some friction. Take a few male dogs, put them together, and wait: there’s always going to be a fight. Whether Alcide submits to leadership should be an interesting side-plot!

Huge collection of stills from Red Riding Hood just hit the net, –they’re not quite spoilers, but they’re definitely hot. There are a few images from production, but most of them are actual scene-shots, and this is definitely got me all geeked out for the movie. Is it pathetic that I’ll probably be taking my gramma to see this one with me? Hey, grandmothers can like werewolves too!

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annimi • March 2, 2011

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