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Being Human & the American Remake

george-being-humanGeorge Sands is the werewolf in Being Human, and although he’s great, he’s also kind of a nerd; with an IQ of 156, George is intelligent, though socially inept, and refers to being a werewolf as “that thing that happens to me once a month.” So, in a way, George sort of deals with being a werewolf like it’s his menstrual cycle. Poor guy. How about a little enthusiasm?! He’s a lapsed Jew, and wears a Star of David, anyway, — the religious pendant manages to ward off vampires in small numbers, though John Mitchell is an exception due to his personal connection with George. During a holiday in Scotland, George was attacked by a werewolf at night, while exploring the countryside with an American tourist. The American of course, is portrayed as a babbling annoyance, and he ends up being the one to get mauled and killed while George is only scratched. Wow, so Americans apparently don’t fare well in the British horror market; am I the only one drawing a connection to the pop-culture rule that blacks are often the first to go in American horror cinema?

being_human_werewolfBeing Human was a huge success in England, and after its debut season in 2008, it was quickly contracted for another season, or series, in 2009. The characters, aside from George, include the vampire John Mitchell, and an insecure ghost, Annie Sawyer. Mitchell is able to walk in daylight, but his eyes are extremely sensitive to the sun. Sawyer haunts the home where she and her fiancé lived when she was alive. She died by a fall down the stairs, though it’s later revealed, –sorry for the spoiler, –that her fiancé, Owen, pushed her because he believed she was having an affair. Gosh, what a douchebag.

being_human_menuWith the success of Being Human continuously building, Americans refuse to be outdone, and the popular Sci-Fi channel, now SyFy, has decided to begin producing and filming a remake. Well, sure, why not? It’s not like the British show just came out or anything! Meredith Warner from io9.com is far from impressed, and quotes SyFy’s David Howe saying how impressed everyone was with Being Human, –then comments, “They loved the originality of it so much, they decided to remake it.” While most fans are decidedly negative on the subject, I can’t help but look at the bigger picture: there’ll be another awesome horror-comedy drama on the air as early as next year! It’s true British humor is impossible to duplicate, but it’s also true that the Sci-Fi/SyFy channel has had some pretty successful shows. I’m willing to brave the Being Human remake waters for the sake of entertainment, –are you?

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annimi • November 4, 2009

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