Being Human Spinoff to Air on BBC3

The original UK series ‘Being Human’ had such a huge response from fans over the years, that it decided to make a spinoff, –yay! That means, in the ‘Being Human’ universe, there’s more than we ever could have hoped for in the series; we’ve had three great seasons of Being Human in the UK, where it was born. And it was adapted into a full-length series here in North American, by the SyFy channel; which means there’s going to be that much room for details and creative inspiration, –22 episodes worth! In the UK, the seres are only 8 episodes long each, –the first series (season) of Being Human was only 6 episodes long, 7 if you count the pilot episode (which didn’t have the same cast members in it). All told, it’s been a long, successful ride for the Being Human franchise, –and now, it’s being lengthened, by a Being Human spinoff, that will air on BBC Three.

The show was created to be a primarily web series, and will be broadcast as a 50 minute long special television event. DigitalSpy has the details:

The BBC has confirmed that an online Being Human spinoff will air on BBC Three.

Eight-part series Becoming Human continues the story of vampire Adam (Craig Roberts) as he attends college and meets werewolf Christa (Leila Mimmack) and the ghostly Matt (Josh Brown).

The entire run will now be transmitted as a 50-minute compilation special on Sunday, March 20, a week after the third series of Being Human concludes its run.

“We were delighted when Becoming Human found such a loyal and enthusiastic audience online,” said creator Toby Whithouse. “The reaction was beyond our most optimistic dreams. And so for the BBC to give us this opportunity to share the show with a wider audience is fantastic news.”

Craig Roberts previously told DS that he is “definitely” interested in filming a potential second series of the spinoff.

The third run of parent series Being Human will conclude this Sunday at 9pm.

More werewolves! Yay! I’m actually fairly surprised by how often werewolves return to the Being Human franchise, –they’re more anticipated than the vampires, because whether good/evil/undecided, the werewolves are always more vibrant and spontaneous, while the vampires tend to be more cold and calculating. It’s the animal instinct, –not always wise to go jumping on just anybody, but still, the werewolves in Being Human are far more badass than any of the werewolves in other series. And yes, I do mean True Blood and the Vampire Diaries. These werewolves don’t turn into mean dogs, –they turn into grotesque creatures who are hell bent on destruction. Which is what makes them more genuine, and entertaining.


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