Being Human- Series One

Meet George and Mitchell, two ordinary guys working as porters in a hospital in Bristol who share a house together. Well, maybe George and Mitchell aren’t exactly ordinary guys considering that George is a werewolf and Mitchell is a vampire. Oh, and the house they rent together? It just happens to be haunted by a ghost named Annie.

When Mitchell suggests that he and George should rent a house together in the hopes of living like normal humans George is reluctant at first. Stating that he and Mitchell are monsters and therefore could never fit in with normal humans, he is soon convinced to give it a try and falls in love with a house the pair go to look at. Upon moving in strange things begin to happen in the house, most notably a roasting chicken being nailed to the cupboards and the words ‘GET OUT’ scrawled on the walls. It’s not long before the guys discover who is responsible for the mischief, a ghost named Annie who had died in the house after falling down the stairs a year earlier. The house belonged to Annie and her fiancée Owen and after her death Annie could not bear to share the house with the living so she terrorized whomever moved in until they were forced to leave.

When Annie realizes that both George and Mitchell can see her she is absolutely thrilled as it means that she would no longer be alone without people to talk to. Mitchell mentions that the reason Annie can be seen by he and George is because all supernatural creatures such as werewolves, ghosts and vampires are able to recognize each other. At first George isn’t happy about sharing the house with a ghost but Annie soon grows on him. Together the three find comfort in each others company.

When George is confronted one morning after a transformation by a man calling himself Tully he is frightened that Tully plans to expose his secret. Instead Tully offers George some clothes to change into and explains that he too is a werewolf, just like George. George doesn’t believe the stranger and tells him to leave him alone. Instead Tully shows up at the house while Mitchell has visitors from the neighbourhood and makes himself at home. At first both Mitchell and Annie are quite taken by the charming werewolf and invite him to stay at the house despite George’s objections. Mitchell tells George that what he needs is someone who understands what it’s like to be a werewolf and who could teach him how to better cope with his condition.

As the days pass Tully begins to earn George’s trust as he shows George different ways of making his life as a werewolf easier. He shows him how to make a morning after bag complete with change of clothes and wet wipes so that he no longer has to worry about walking home naked and covered in blood after a transformation. Tully also shows George how to trick the wolf part of himself into following the sent of a raw chicken around in circles all night as to keep the werewolf from accidentally stumbling upon people and preying on them. Tully also helps George to overcome his shyness and ‘tricks’ him into talking to a nurse named Nina that he fancied but was too nervous to talk to.

Using the same chauvinistic bravado that Tully uses on the ladies, George is met with an unexpected response when not only does Nina shoot him down, she humiliates him in the process. Tully uses the opportunity to cause a rift between George and Mitchell stating that if Mitchell, an obvious lady killer, was really George’s friend he would have taught him how to talk to women. Tully assures George that there are all sorts of things that Mitchell is keeping from him and that he would never treat George that way. When Tully tries to force himself on Annie, which of course is a stupid thing to do since she’s a ghost, she and Mitchell insist that Tully is no longer welcome and that he has to leave. George refuses to kick Tully out, that is until Tully informs him that it was he that had attacked George in the Scottish Highlands, turning him into a werewolf. Horrified by this revelation George tells Tully to leave him alone, despite Tully’s pleas for forgiveness. Tully claims that he is tired of being alone and that before he was a werewolf he had a family. After Tully tries to hang himself, an act that is prevented when George stumbles upon him before the full moon rises, the two transform and attack each other. In the morning George tells Tully to leave and never return.

When Mitchell steps in and sets up a date between George and Nina, George reluctantly goes along with it. As much as he likes Nina he fears putting her in danger due to the fact that he is a werewolf. The date goes fairly well (despite interruptions from Annie’s fellow ghost friend, Gilbert) until George and Nina try to make love. George is afraid of hurting Nina and decides that making love to Nina is too risky. Nina chalks up George’s inability to preform as impotence and the next night while George tries to make his way to the hospital basement in order to transform, Nina stops him. Hoping to assure George that there are other ways to please a woman that don’t involve sex, George, unable to control himself due to his being on the verge of transformation, grabs Nina and the two of them proceed to have sex.

When Annie discovers that her death was not an accident but that she was actually murdered by Owen she realizes that the reason that she had not ‘crossed over’ was that she needed to make Owen confess to what he had done. When Mitchell meets a young boy named Bernie and accidentally lends him a video of vampire porn all hell breaks lose when Bernie’s mother accuses Mitchell and George of being paedophiles and whips the rest of the neighbourhood into a witch hunting frenzy. When Owen comes around to the house and informs the guys that he is kicking them out due to the controversy in the neighborhood Annie is even more determined to make him pay and George agrees to help her. Together the two devise a plan to frighten Owen into confessing.

George decides that he doesn’t want to get Nina involved in the bad things in his life and breaks up with her. After Bernie is accidentally hit by a car during a riot outside the house, George seeks comfort in Nina’s arms and asks her if she can be happy with him knowing that he has secrets that he is not ready to share with her. Nina shows him horrible scars on her torso, exclaiming that she has secrets of her own. When Mitchell saves Bernie by turning him into a vampire, Bernie’s mother informs the rest of the neighborhood that she was mistaken and that Mitchell was innocent all along. Knowing that their actions caused the death of the little boy they claimed to be protecting the rest of the neighborhood soon begins to try and make amends.

George and Annie put their plan to make Owen confess in motion when George calls Owen over to the house to do some repairs. When Owen arrives he is confronted by Annie who demands that he confess to her murder. Owen’s reaction is not what Annie expects when instead of being afraid of the ghost of his murdered fiancée Owen begins to belittle her. Annie then redoubles her efforts by haunting Owen’s new girlfriend Janie in hopes of warning her of how dangerous Owen is. Janie has a far more normal reaction to seeing a ghost when she freaks out and faints. Annie almost manages to reach Janie when Owen returns home and convinces Janie that Annie is simply a figment of her imagination caused by her guilt over the affair she and Owen were having while Annie was still alive.

After Bernie’s accident Mitchell begins to alienate himself from George and Annie. He begins spending more time with Herrick, the leader of the Bristol vampires and his sire whom he had had a falling out with decades earlier. Herrick has plans to turn the majority of the worlds population into vampires, making them the dominate race. When George is confronted by an old flame of Mitchell’s named Josie who is dying of lung cancer she tells him what the vampires have been planning. She tells George that she had been approached by Herrick at Mitchell’s request and that Herrick had offered to recruit her, making her a vampire so that she will not die. When George asks Josie just how bad the vampires plans are she informs him that Herrick had told her that “No one gets left behind.”

Mitchell stumbles upon a room filled with dying humans that the vampires have been holding captive in order to feed on inside the vampires’ lair underneath the funeral home that they use as a front for their ‘recruitment‘ activities. Horrified, he decides he no longer wants to be part of Herrick’s mad scheme. Mitchell finds himself surrounded by angry vampires and it looks as if there is no way out but thankfully George and Annie show up just in time. With the help of Lauren, a woman Mitchell turned into a vampire after attacking her during a date, the four of them manage to escape.

Back home Annie, Mitchell and George confront Owen together. When Annie informs Owen that there are much worse things than ghosts and implies that George is a werewolf and that Mitchell is a vampire, Owen’s bravado begins to fade. When Annie whispers a secret in his ear, something ‘only the dead know’, Owen goes over the edge completely and runs off. Horrified by what Annie had told him he runs to the nearest police station and confesses to Annie’s murder in hopes of being safely locked away. Having finally been able to confront Owen, Annie’s door to the afterlife comes for her. As the three say their goodbyes there is a knock on the front door. As he answers the door, Mitchell is staked on the doorstep by Herrick who cannot enter the house without being invited.

George manages to push Herrick from the doorstep and pulls Mitchell into the house. Frantically he calls for an ambulance to take Mitchell to the hospital. Annie refuses to enter the door to the afterlife and leave Mitchell behind and instead chooses to go with George and Mitchell. Doctors are able to stabilize Mitchell but are dumbfounded by the fact that they can’t find a heartbeat and that his wounds are healing too quickly. Despite multiple blood transfusions Mitchell is still unable to fully recover since he needs fresh blood to heal. Josie offers to let Mitchell feed from her since she will soon die and hopes that her sacrifice will help Mitchell to stop Herrick.

After Mitchell is discharged from the hospital George learns that Mitchell has confronted Herrick, challenging Herrick to a fight to the death. Mitchell chooses the night of the full moon so that George will not be able to interfere. The only thing Mitchell asks is that if Herrick wins he let George and Annie leave Bristol without being harmed. Herrick agrees even though he has no intention of keeping his word. George convinces Mitchell to allow him to try and talk Herrick out of the fight but instead George informs Herrick that Mitchell will be waiting for him in the abandoned basement of the hospital. What Herrick doesn’t know is that George plans to confront him in the basement during the full moon where he plans to transforms into a werewolf and kill him.

When Mitchell and Annie realize what George has planned they try to stop him but it’s too late. Mitchell tries to talk George out of killing Herrick but George will not be swayed. George insists that the only way for he, Mitchell and Annie to be safe is for him to kill Herrick since he is the only one strong enough to do so. As George begins to transform Nina rushes in not knowing what’s going on. Mitchell and Annie are able to pull her out of the room but not before she is scratched by George. Once George’s transformation is complete he tears Herrick to pieces while Nina watches in shock.

The next morning George confides everything to Nina including how he became a werewolf. Nina chooses not tell George about the scratch from the night before in the hopes that she will not turn into a werewolf herself. Relieved that Herrick is dead Mitchell, George and Annie are hopeful that they can finally go about living ‘normal’ lives. What they don’t know is that there are people out there interested in the three of them and that someone has made contact with Owen who believes Owen’s claims that Annie, George and Mitchell are actually a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire.



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