Being Human Series 2 Premieres this Weekend!

If you haven’t heard of the Being Human series, you probably don’t live in the UK. I don’t either but when I heard that there was a new werewolf/vampire/ghost television show coming on, I had to know what it was all about. Turns out, this British television show sounds pretty darn good.

The plot of the show is about three people (or should I call them ‘beings’?) who live together. One is a vampire, one is a werewolf, and one is a ghost. They seem to do okay living together, although they all have their own supernatural roommate issues. But their biggest threat is Professor Jaggat and a man named Kemp, who have gotten an inkling that something is amiss around town. Namely, that there are vampires, werewolves, and ghosts running around. And of course, like any unreasonable humans, they immediately want to destroy them or, in the case of the ghost, return them to where they belong.

The show airs on Britain’s BBC Three channel. But for those of us who don’t have access to it, there’s always the good ol’ Internet to search for just these kind of goodies. And we’ve found the perfect site here for you if you need to catch up on the first series of Being Human before you start watching the second series. And of course, you’ll probably also be able to catch the second series there as well once it goes to DVD (or sooner as the case usually is.)

But if you’ve already watched the first series and are just dying to catch the second series, you can be happy knowing that it will start airing this weekend on Sunday, January 10. And if you haven’t seen the first series, you might want to catch it before that. The first episode of the newest series goes into great detail about how George, the werewolf of the group, is wrestling with a murder that he committed in the first series.

The whole entire concept of this television show sounds very, very good! I wish I could watch it while it’s actually airing. Add to that the fact that the werewolf in this show looks like an actual werewolf , and what more could you want?

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