Being Human Season 2: More George, Hurray!

The crunch-crunch-high-pitched-scream werewolf boy is back! So rarely in the world of werewolves is the truly horrible, painful and terrifying transformation really captured, –and we certainly never expected to find it in a BBC supernatural soap opera. They’ve even done us a huge favor and offered up a great sneak peak of what we can expect out of the second season, –and we can’t wait to show you!

Apparently, things are on the outs with George Sands, and his girlfriend, and former fiance, maybe current fiance, Nina Pickering. During the video, Nina looks a little bit like she’s either, pissed off with George, or just cranky. Maybe it has something to do with sharing a flat with a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf? Meanwhile, Annie Sawyer, the resident ghost, is getting her very first job! …Since she died. A ghost working at a bar? A rather sensitive, hormonal ghost at that. Either way, sounds like it’ll be pretty entertaining.

Aside from the weird women, George and John Mitchell, the brooding vampire, seem to be getting along fairly well. On the other hand, John does seem a tad more snarky than usual. Maybe he’s just bored… or hungry. Either way, we’ll find out this summer, when Season 2 of BBC’s Being Human premiers!


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