Being Human Calls it Quits

Good news is that the UK’s Being Human has returned for its highly anticipated fifth season, the bad news is that it will be Being Human’s final season. The BBC has recently announced that the show has been canceled.

high res BEING HUMANSeries creator Toby Whithouse took to the web to personally thank the crew and loyal fans for all their dedication to the series he calls “the little show that could,” he also promised fans an “epic, thrilling and shocking finale.”

In a post on the show’s official blog, Whitehouse shared his honest opinion on the show and its end:

“Being Human really shouldn’t have happened. A preposterous idea, an epic and circuitous development process, a modest budget – no, we really shouldn’t have lasted. But Being Human was the little show that could, and that ridiculous idea managed to last 37 episodes, spawn an American version, 3 novels, an on-line spin-off and garner a shelf of awards.

I have to thank the BBC. Not because I’m obliged to, but because I literally have to. They gave us the opportunity to make Being Human and to make it in the way we wanted. [The producers] were unwavering in their support, guidance, trust, love, enthusiasm, and gave us – and me specifically – an unprecedented level of creative latitude. For that I will always be grateful.”

Being Human follows the lives of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost who share a house together in South Wales. Last season introduced a new vampire named Hal Yorke played by Damien Molony, who spent many years as a shut-in to battle his powerful bloodlust which he was still unable to control by the end of season 4. With the exit of original werewolf George (Russell Tovey) in the premiere episode of season 4, actor Michael Socha was promoted to a series regular as new wolfboy, Tom McNair.

How do you original Being Human fans feel about the cancelation?

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  1. So sad that the show is ending. I was sad to see the original characters leave, but I had hope for the new cast. I will sorely miss this show. The American version just doesn’t have the same feel as the original did…

  2. I’m not surprised. The series died along with its original cast.

    Let’s hope the US version of Being Human doesn’t suffer the same fate.

  3. To me I never liked either. The uk version was good but it never did the werewolves any justice, they were weak as hell and got killed easily and they age like a normal human, us version was even worse to them, they were mostly hairless mongrels that were pretty ugly.

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