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Behind the Scenes with Krampus (And the Necessity of Krampus)

I wanted to share with you all this short video showing the preparatory process for the annual (as of last year) Krampus-themed haunted attraction at NASHVILLE NIGHTMARE and other locations around the country. (Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the company that owns NASHVILLE NIGHTMARE, also runs haunted houses and other attractions in various other states.) It puts on display the extensive makeup, costumes, props, and sets of the attraction for those who weren’t able to attend, or even for those who were, since they won’t let you take photographs. (Not even a member of the press like me.)

Did you know that Krampus was banned by the Nazis? He was also banned by the Christian Church.* (Krampus makes for strange bedfellows indeed.) Child psychologists have warned about his influence on children. Horseshit. Children *need* to learn how to process fear in a safe setting, else they will be ill-prepared to live in the world. Our telling children they will get a lump of coal in their stocking if they don’t behave is just a watered-down carryover of the Krampus tradition, as is the giving of a bag of switches as a Christmas present. (I recall one family Christmas when I was little where one of my cousins got a sack full of switches as a gift.)

*This linked article maintains that the depiction of Krampus wearing or carrying chains was added by the Church, but it fails to mention when or where this alteration was made. I haven’t been able to verify this claim.

The Evil Cheezman • January 8, 2019

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