Become a Werewolf With Sims 2!

Sims is a great game that has been around since forever it seems. But the game that has allowed you to build your own cities, buildings, and roads has now expanded. And quite the expansion it’s made too! With Sims 2, you get to transform from City Planner to Ambitious Entrepreneur. In Sims 2 you get to build your dream company, manage the other Sims that work within it and build yourself wealth and a great reputation. So, where do werewolves fit into all of this?

With Sims 2, you can buy an expansion package called The Sims 2 Pets. This expansion pack is where you can step out of the corporate world and into the world of fantasy! But these werewolves aren’t anything to be afraid of. And in fact, instead of vicious bites that leave you wounded and in agony, the werewolves in Sims 2 will lightly nibble your hand just like a pet would. But this light bite will still turn you into a werewolf, which is great for those who are just a little too shy to do so in the non-virtual world. So how do you do it?

First, you have to pay attention. The only time that the Sims werewolves come out is at night (obviously.) So keep a close eye on all your properties during the nighttime and watch for the wolves that will occasionally pop out with their yellow, glowing eyes. As soon as you see these glowing eyes, you will need to get your Sims character and rush out to greet him.

Once you have met the werewolf, you will need to build up a friendship and a trust with them. Only then will it be friendly enough towards you to nibble after being pet. And once that first nibble has taken place, you will quickly see your Sims character change into a furry, but lovable, creature!


  1. i got the Sims 2 yesterday but had Sims 2 pets for a long time, how is sims 2 pets an expansion package? how do i use it then?

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