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‘Beast’ by Todd Michael Cox: Not Your Average Werewolf Story

“There are no full moons, no curses, no silver bullets.”

The story isn’t even really about the werewolf; it’s about his uncle. Cox basically describes a sort of supernatural melodrama, a soap opera about living in rural Wisconsin; I’ve lived there, and personally I don’t think the people up there could be described as being all that complex. Largely, the families and communities I experienced were full of simple, hardworking people that managed to be both honest, and friendly. But sure, you know, I guess that there could be a bunch of werewolf-harboring conspirators too.

The story follows Andy, a newspaper editor in a small town who’s hiding a big secret: his nephew is a werewolf. Harboring that secret effects everyone around Andy, –his relationships with his girlfriend, his family, co-workers, and friends. Though Cox doesn’t believe in cryptozoological reports of werewolves, such as the legendary reports of the Beast of Bray Road, it was this story that initially inspired him. He doesn’t reveal any spoilers, but says the book is full of secrets… lots of intrigue. My interest is piqued, despite Cox saying he deliberately hid from the horror genre… I need a new werewolf book that isn’t about crime solving or romance. How about you?

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annimi • April 2, 2015

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