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Be Very, Very Quiet…

A QUIET PLACE is now out on video. It occurs to me that it isn’t quite correct to say “out on DVD” now, as more and more of you are moving away from those pretty shiny discs in favor of this “livestreaming” fad. I’m a collector, down to the marrow, and I will ALWAYS prefer having a hard copy of a movie on hand. Then again, VHS tapes are seemingly making a comeback, so I probably have nothing to worry about. Hard copies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Anyway, yeah, A QUIET PLACE. If you, like me, wanted to get a better look at the monsters in the movie, here is your chance. Lots of cool pictures here to enjoy.

Conversely you can see what the monsters were originally supposed to look like at THIS site. They sorta look like Decepticons to me, or like they’re made out of wood. Krasinski and crew made the right decision by going with the other design, don’t ya think? The big exposed eardrums put me in mind of the depiction of Grendel in the all-CGI 2007 version of BEOWULF. Except where it was a torment to poor Grendel, the beasts in A QUIET PLACE use it as their greatest asset.

The Evil Cheezman • July 29, 2018

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