Battlefield Heroes gets Some Furry Dogs and ew, Vamps Too

Battlefield Heroes has been a favorite free online downloadable game for many for awhile now. But EA Digital Illusions, who develops the game, has just released a version in which werewolves are included. But don’t worry. You’re not going to flip on the screen and see half-naked teen heartthrobs racing across your screen. These wolves are vicious, and they are out to kill. So are the blood-sucking leeches though. And they’re also included in this new version of the game.

The game works so that anyone who has been killed on the battlefield can come back, not quite to life exactly. Anyone who was once a human National can now come back as a vampire. And anyone who was a Royal when they died can come back as a werewolf, baring mean teeth and everything! The backgrounds used for this new version are simply creepy and eerie night scenes from backgrounds that already exist in Battlefield Heroes. The graphics are pretty good and are consistent with the graphics you can usually expect from Battlefield Heroes. The images of the characters of both the wolves and the vamps are pretty typical and can sum up just about anyone’s picture of a vampire. They’re both pretty basic, and neither are at all scary. But it’s still fun to watch them blow and tear people up until they finally face each other. It’s also fun to watch them both creep out of the darkness of the battlefield amongst the dead that lay sprawling around. It’s a fun way to get you involved in the story.

Technically, the game is called Battlefield Heroes: Vampires vs. Werewolves. But most of the trailer seems to be dedicated to werewolves, and there’s a wolf howling in the background the entire time. So who do you think comes out victorious? Check out the trailer and see what you think!

– Kate

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  1. NOW THAT IS SOME NEWS!!! I’m very happy to hear that, and i’m sure i will be back to play Battlefield Heroes

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