Battle Vampires in ‘Bite Fight’

If you’re bored and broke then I’ve got just what you need! Bite Fight! Bite Fight is another vampires vs. werewolves browser video game, and like most other web browser games, it’s free! Hurray for free.

According to the Bite Fight Facebook page:

“The struggle between Vampires and Werewolves has been rampaging for centuries. It`s your destiny to decide this battle!

Bitefight is a free of charge browser game in which you compete against thousands of other players. The only thing you need to play Bitefight is a regular browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox), downloads or installations are not necessary. As soon as you log in for the first time, you can decide if you want to slip into the role of a vampire or of a werewolf to proceed into the battle.”

Ok, compared to other vampires vs. werewolves browser games, this one is totally lacking on the story. I mean, how hard is it to get a writer to write up a quick dark story of chaos and destruction? Not that hard. Tsk tsk Bite Fight.

But what Bite Fight lacks in story it makes up for in their website and the actual gameplay. Many of the browser games I have come across tend to be a bit unorganized and ugly, all packed full of poorly cropped images and terrible website designs. Bite Fight actually has an amazing design and some fantastic original artwork, you can even alter the appearance of your character. It’s clear that they put a lot of thought and effort into the look of this game, which makes you actually want to spend hours looking at it.

As for the gameplay, it’s pretty straight forward. They have a lot of additions that add to the game and make it interesting, which of course, is a plus.

Overall it’s a fairly decent web browser game. It’s addictive and you get to kick vampire ass, what more could you want?

Have any of you played Bite Fight or any other browser game? If so, which one is your favorite?

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  1. I played it. It got boring for me though with click, come back in an hour or so, collect, click and repeat.

  2. I’ve played it. But I got bored of it after a while. I play another game, though, called Dark Curse ( where you get to control and army of either werewolves, vampires, or humans and fight other people and their armies. I think it’s fun. It’s pretty new, and they’re still working on it, though. There’s also another game like it that’s older that I also play. It’s called Dark Throne (, where you control and army of either humans, elves, the undead, or goblins.

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