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Badass ‘Mongrel: S.O.B.’ Graphic Novel is Stalking Your Way

This was originally going to be a plea to help fund the kickass comic project Mongrel: SOB via Kickstarter, but when I went to write this post I discovered that not only had the project met its goal, it exceeded it. Woo! That means that we have a new werewolf graphic novel on the way!

Mongrel: SOB is a horror graphic novel written 156007_422862387805628_738274586_nby Ed Dunphy with art by Andrew Mitchell Kudelka. Said to be one part The Howling and one part CSI: Chicago, this gritty murder mystery, set in 1990s Chicago, pits a monstrous werewolf against a veteran Chicago detective.

Official description:

“Mongrel is a gritty urban horror comic co-created by writer Ed Dunphy and artist Andrew Mitchell Kudelka. The 3 issues of this 1990s-era, Chicago-based horror piece are entitled: ‘Urban Nightmare’, ‘Kinslayer’ and ‘Lunatics’. At its core, Mongrel is about 2 men locked in a life and death struggle, each hunting the other. Eric is a vicious werewolf who’s Hell-bent on destroying an established supernatural wolfpack, and Will is a tough-as-nails homicide detective who doesn’t even believe in the paranormal. As he investigates the gruesome string of murders on his turf, Will comes to realize how personally involved he is in all this mayhem.”

Here’s a page from the comic:


I am super geeked about this graphic novel. I love me some murder mysteries! Plus, as you can see above, the artwork is phenomenal. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. How about you? What are your thoughts on Mongrel: SOB?

For more info check out the official Mongrel: SOB website.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • March 21, 2013

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