Bad Werewolf Movies: Netflix Edition

Since we had some much fun discussing some of the worst werewolf movies out there, I thought we’d do it again! But this time we are focusing on the worst werewolf flicks found on Netflix. There are a shit ton of crappy movies on Netflix and I’d say the vast majority of them can be found in the supernatural movie section. One look at the werewolf movies on Netflix and you can see for yourself – most of them are awful. Here are just a few of the disasters you can find…

What irritates me right away is the movie cover. It uses the same damn stock image I have seen countless times. Do a search for self-published vampire novels and you can find a dozen authors who have used the SAME stock shot for their book cover. Seriously, find a new image. That one picture needs to be taken off of stock websites. Other than that, it’s less a horror movie and more of a soft core porn flick. If you like gratuitous sex scenes then this is the B-grade film for you. It’s also packed full of bad CGI.
Description: After sleeping with Nora, a sexy stranger passing through town, Syd undergoes a supernatural transformation that plunges him into a frightening new reality and sparks conflict with Nora’s angry ex-lover, who behaves more like an animal than a man.

Howling V: The Rebirth
I think most people can agree that every Howling made after the original is garbage. This is, however, considered the best of the bad sequels. It’s an awful low-budget flick, but it’s not the worst. Prepare yourself for some awful acting and campiness though.
Description: A diverse group of travelers converge in Romania to be the first people to enter a mysterious castle that has been closed for 500 years. Rumors persist that the area is inhabited by violent wolves, and soon the tourists begin to disappear one by one.

The Feeding
This flick has some of the worst reviews I have ever read. There is little to no plot. A werewolf is running around and killing folks. That sums up the entire story. The acting is cringe-worthy. The werewolf… well…it may be one of the worst costumes ever to hit film. It’s so bad that it’s laughable and heartbreaking at once.
Description: Agent Jack Driscoll’s quest to hunt down the legendary beast of the Appalachian Mountains is finally realized when a full moon rouses the ravenous appetite of the monster, leading it to prey on a group of local campers.

I’ll stop at just three. There are others, like every other awful Howling movie, but we’ll end the misery here. These films are perfect for a bad movie night. That’s about all they’re good for. What do you think?

– Moonlight

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  1. I agree. Seen all those movies, and they were HORRIBLE. Weren’t even funny-horrible, just really bad.

    Another one is ‘Dark Wolf’, though not sure if its on Netflix.

  2. Hmm… What about (I know this isn’t a movie) Teen Wolf? What’s everyone’s perspective on that? I haven’t watched any of it but, I have seen one episode where a guy turns into a werewolf… Just wondering what you all think of it? Good or bad? OH and… Twilight, what about that movie lmao? xD

    1. I think Teenwolf is a great show, unlike the other tv shows representative of werewolves or vampires, it offers a unique perspective and provides a great deal of personal conflict as part of the teenager dealing with the “curse.” While i am an adult and not part of the 20 something or even 30 something crown, i do enjoy the show.

      Twilight, on the other hand, was the biggest bunch of teeny bopper fuzzy wuzzy feel good trash i have laid eyes on in sometime. While i did watch each of the sequels, in addition to Twilight, I found them contradictory to just about all vampire legend and lore and generally worthless of my time.

  3. How is this an actual article? You named three horrible werewolf movies, picked on the movie cover a bit, and only gave us the synopsis. How does that tell us anything about how horrible these movies are? People could just go on Netflix themselves and look in the werewolf horror genre for movies with 1-2 stars.
    I’m not trolling, I’m just disappointed in the lack of quality of the articles lately. I expected better.

    1. …This isn’t meant to be a deep intellectual article. It’s a short blog post about bad werewolf movies. It’s a silly list. But just for you, I will take a break from school finals, JUST to give you more detail.
      As for the lack of quality in other articles, well, I apologize that this free blog that you choose to read isn’t up to your personal standards. If you don’t like our posts, write up your own and maybe we’ll publish it here.

      1. Oh that’s great! I have never found any of the article on here bad. And when it comes to movies…of course they are not going to be in great detail, cuz these blogs are made for you to find out about the movies….read a little about them and what the blogger and other readers thought….then YOU GO AND WATCH THE MOVIES, or read the books, or whatever the article may be about…..then if you wish, come back on here and discuss.

        If you’re looking for a site or blog…or whatever site you’re on, to spell everything out for you instead of yourself actually discovering and having opinions of your own….then go to wikipedia.

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