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Back to the 80s!

It would be just fine with me if we could go back to the 80s. I’m sorta like Uncle Rico from NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (only not as sad, I hope), longing to return to the glorious days of 1982 (or any of the other years of the decade; unlike Uncle Rico, I was just a wee laddie in ’82). While Uncle Rico’s time machine didn’t work for him, and no similar device has been invented for us here in the mundane world, we still get to travel backwards in time via our entertainment options. And it sure seems that the 80s are the place to be!

The next season of STRANGER THINGS, arriving on Netflix on the 4th of July, is set in the summer of 1985. (Oh! I feel you, Uncle Rico!) And we’ve just received word that the next season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY will be titled AHS: 1984. From the video teaser, it looks like there will be a Slasher movie vibe. I dig on that hard. In fact that thar sets the stage for what could be the greatest season of AHS yet, even with Evan Peters sitting this one out. Hard to believe that just a year ago I was ready to write this show off completely due to the suckiness of CULT. What a difference a season can make.

The Evil Cheezman • April 19, 2019

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