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Awesome Team Jacob Stuff!

It’s New Moon weekend and because the newest DVD release in the Twilight saga largely focuses on the wolves’ part in the whole thing, we thought we’d bring you some extra cool stuff that lets you show your love of the wolf! Whether Jacob is your favorite wolf in New Moon (isn’t he everyone’s?), or you fell in love with all the wolves from La Push, here’s some awesome stuff that will help you cap off New Moon mania!

La Push T-shirts at Cafe Press
These shirts are super cute and celebrate the land of La Push. Whether you want a t-shirt with a beautiful wolf’s profile, or a hoodie that claims you as a member of the “La Push Cliff Diving Team”, these shirts will definitely say that you run with the wolves!

Jacob Lover Flip Mino from Twilight Lexicon
This portable video camera is cute and pretty and will let you reenact your favorite Jacob and Bella scenes from the movie. (Or ya know, just shoot you and your friends clowning around!)

Jacob and the Whole La Push Pack Bookmarks from Twilight Shop
The greatest thing about these bookmarks is that they’re so cheap that you’ll be able to buy one for every La Push wolf, and not only keep your place in the Twilight series, but also look at your favorite characters while you read all your other books too!

Skins from Skinit
Wrap your favorite device in a skin that’s designed in well, Jacob’s skin. My favorite is the still from the movie when he’s in the rain, breaking Bella’s heart one more time as he tells her to leave him alone. But there are lots there to choose from.

Lunch boxes, wallets, and more at Party Ideas Parade
When you’re looking for something to declare your love of Team Jacob, but don’t know what exactly you’re looking for, this site has it all. Lunch boxes, puzzles, and there’s even a pretty La Push charm bracelet. It’s sure to have whatever you need!

– Kate

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kate • March 21, 2010

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