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Werewolf Books Coming Out in 2013

  Happy September everyone! Here are some werewolf books coming out this Fall: The Wolves of Midwinter: The Wolf Gift Chronicles by Anne Rice This next book in the Wolf Gift Chronicles is the sequel to The Wolf Gift, and continues the story of Reuben Golding, a werewolf (or Man Wolf, one of the Morphenkinder,…

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Peter Stumpp, Werewolf of Bedburg

The Werewolf of Bedburg was a beast who terrorized women, children, and livestock. This monster was a man of flesh and blood named Peter Stumpp. He truly embodied all the fears of the worst sorts of nightmares. Peter Stumpp (also called Peter Stubbe, Stumpf, and other variations) raped and devoured fourteen children and two pregnant…

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Bigby Wolf

Allow me to introduce Bigby Wolf; comic book hero, werewolf, and the somewhat human incarnation of the Big Bad Wolf. Bigby was also described briefly in our post about werewolf comics. Bigby is one of the main characters of Bill Willingham’s comic book series, Fables, which was first printed in 2002. Bigby Wolf was a…

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The Firebird and the Gray Wolf

An overlooked werewolf appears in the Russian fairy tale of Prince Ivan and the Firebird. Prince Ivan, the son of a powerful tsar, discovers that the Firebird is responsible for stealing golden apples from his father’s orchard. Prince Ivan hunts this Firebird, with glowing feathers. He is attacked on his path by a gray wolf,…

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Hounds of God

We’ve written about Thiess and the Benandanti werewolves and werewolf witch trials before, but there’s more to the story. In the late 1600s, 1692 to be exact, in Jurgenburg, Livonia, a very old man of about 80 years old, named Thiess claimed to be a werewolf. Why would anyone in their right mind make such…

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