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A Perfectly Planned Date with Jacob

Maybe this is the 12 year-old girl in me coming out – or I’m just hopping on the Twilight bandwagon – but either way, who hasn’t thought about heading out on a date with Jacob (aka Taylor Lautner)? OK for you dudes out there, how about a man date? Here are some ideas for what…

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Teen Wolf and Beyond

Have you ever wondered what happened to that half human, half pup full of teen angst after Teen Wolf ended? That was a great movie and definitely fits into the category of 100% classic 1980’s cheese! Word on the street is that after filming, Mr. Wolf moved to Los Angeles to try his hand at…

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Exotic and Strange Werewolf Memorabilia

It’s the age-old question: are you a lycan or a vampire? If you’re not 100% sure at this point in your life, let me help pursway you into finally choosing a side with these killer werewolf gift ideas and odd memorabilia. Werewolf Feet – These things actually exist. Think of a costume minus the mask…

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Traveling Around Werewolf Country

I envision myself traveling to a faraway place … perhaps to Monteleone or hell, even Michigan (yes, there have been reports of werewolves running amuck in those parts of the country!). Someday, somehow, I will pack my bags and take a trip to werewolf country. Maybe I shall recruit Mr. Crazy from Washington, or maybe…

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Signs your Friend is a Werewolf

If you’re a werewolf lover, you probably know the tell tale signs of what to look for if someone is a changeling or not. Wouldn’t it be cool, however, if someone you cared about deeply was actually bitten by a creature that roamed the woods and fed on the innocent? Here are some signs that…

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Werewolf Hunter in Real Life

If you haven’t heard in the past few weeks, a 35 year-old man was taken in for an evaluation in Bainbridge Island, WA. What’s so special about that, you ask? Well, for starters, he openly admitted to being a werewolf hunter! You read that correctly … the man is a loon … or is he?…

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Haunted America Tours of New Orleans

Alyne Pustanio, a Sr. Writer and Contributor to Haunted America Tours, drops by to discuss all things werewolf! Do you yourself believe that werewolves truly exist somewhere in the world? I definitely believe werewolves exist all over the world! Every culture has a tradition that addresses folk experiences with lycanthropy in one form or another….

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Werewolf Lovers Unite!

Mac is an avid werewolf fan; he has spent most of his life breathing, studying, and seeking out a creature that may or may not truly exist. Check out what he had to say about the lycanthropic kind. How did you first get involved with all things werewolf? I was one of the few kids…

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What you could get away with if you were a Werewolf

Imagine you had the ability to turn into a werewolf at the drop of a dime; you were walking along in your city one fateful night and were suddenly brutally attacked by this disgustingly beautiful creature and now, you attained their mystical power. Sit back for a minute and mentally compile a list of things…

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5 celebrities that should be werewolves

In this day and age, there’s constant news of what director is turning x-popular horror book series into a movie, whether or not someone is on team Edward (vampire) or team Jacob (werewolf), and what next big-name star signed-on for x-horror flick. That’s all fine and great but let’s gets back to basics, people. Let’s…

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