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Attack of the Werewolves Coming Soon to Blu-Ray

Apparently the foreign werewolf flick Attack of the Werewolves did so surprisingly well that it’s now coming out on Blu-ray in the US. The big release day is January 15, 2013. If you prefer your old DVDs to blu-ray, then fortunately for you, it’s already out on DVD (it’s just harder to find). Woot! This Spanish horror/comedy has actually been getting a shit ton of amazing reviews (which is a bit shocking) so I am guessing it’s worth some more love from Werewolves.com.

Movie description:

“1910. In a remote village, a terrible curse has fallen on the evil Marchioness of Marino and her son transforming him into a blood-thirsty werewolf who prays on the residents of the village. One hundred years on, the only male descendent of the Marino family, Tomas returns to the same village to be awarded the Freedom of the Village. But things aren t quite as they seem. The villagers have other plans for Tomas. After a century of being terrorized by the werewolf, they plan to break the curse. To do so, a male bloodline sacrifice has to be made exactly 100 years on to the day. Tomas s visit is perfect timing and the man-hunt commences. But no-one is safe from these vicious beasts, Can the villagers save themselves from the evil curse and will Tomas survive the hunt, or will the evil werewolf curse reign forever more.”

There are currently no special features reported. Boo!

Here’s the old trailer (back when it had another name) :

Have any of you seen Attack of the Werewolves yet? If so, what did you think?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • November 22, 2012

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