Asena the Wolf Child

Time to delve into the world of Turkic mythology dear readers. Do you remember the Roman myth of Romulus and Remus, the twin brothers raised by a she-wolf that built Rome? Well, today’s legend is a little like that one.

Rome wasn’t the only created thanks to wolves, it’s said that a Turkish nation was as well. The legend goes that there was a massive battle that killed all of the Turks except for one, a small boy who was hidden in a marsh for safety. With his kinfolk dead, the little boy was all alone, until he was found by a female wolf. This she-wolf took him back to her lair and raised him along side her own cubs. Now here’s were the myth gets weird, once the boy grew up into a man he then had sex with the she-wolf and as a result she gave birth to ten sons. One of those sons was Asena, a great leader among the Turks of Turkistan, who used a wolf’s head as his emblem.

Like nearly every myth and legend, there’s more than one version of the Asena story. Another version of the tale says the a Turkic village was attacked by Chinese soldiers who killed everyone, but the commander of the army took pity on a baby boy and instead of killing him he cut off his arms and legs and left him behind. As the army started to leave the commander suddenly regretted his decision to save the baby, so he goes back to kill him. But by then the little boy had already been rescued by a she-wolf with a blue mane, a wolf named Asena. The wolf nurses the boy, and when he is grown she mates with him. They give birth to an entire breed of half-human, half-wolf beings, who turn out to be predecessors to the Ashina clan of Gokturks.

As weird (and creepy) as this myth is, it’s definitely an interesting one. What do you guys think?

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  2. My parents named me Asena, and I always loved wolfs.. So to read this makes me very happy for some reason xD

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