As The Flame Blows Out

WerewolfWilHey there readers, it’s time again for another real werewolf tale. If you are a long time reader then you know the deal, if you’re new here then let me explain real quick. There have been countless cases of lycanthropy reported all throughout history; some of these stories are super old, while others surprisingly recent. Today I have one newer story for you boys and gals.

The shocking story is of a werewolf occurrence that happened in 1988, yeah that recent. It happened in the small German town Wittlich. It is believed in this town that the very last of the werewolves was killed there. They even have a shrine outside of town where a candle always burns. The legend says that if the candle’s flame ever goes out the werewolf will return.

One night a group of security police officers were on the way to their post at Morbach when they passed the werewolf shrine and saw that the flame had gone out. They of course joked about the legendary monster, not believing the old myths for a second. Bad move on their part.

Later that same night the alarms went off on one of the fence-line sensors. When security went out to investigate what caused the sensor to go off what they found was a massively huge “dog-like” animal that was standing up on its back legs. This beast looked at the men and then jumped over the 7 ½ foot chain-link fence, quickly escaping. One of the military working dogs was brought to the location where the beast was seen. The poor dog went crazy with fear and refused to track the monstrous beast.

Was it a real werewolf? Or was it simply the overactive imagination of exhausted security officers with heads full of ancient werewolf tales? I’ll let you decide dear readers.

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  1. I lived about fifteen miles from Morbach from 1987 to 1990. I heard about the Morbach monster from my German neighbors. I lived in the town of Thranenweier. The story I had from my neighbors was that a werewolf roamed the area of Morbach in the sixteenth century and was killed. A candle was lit in a road side shrine to keep the werewolf at bay , if the candle went out the werewolf came back. I have seen the shrine, it is not far from Hahn AFB. Hahn AFB is also the place of a supposed siting. Security police responded to a fence alarm and saw a large wolflike creature that stood on two legs, it scared them and the military working dogs quite badly. My neighbor Herman who owned the local Gasthaus (beerhouse) told me not to go into to the woods at night, this was the hochwald forest, because there were evil things in there. I worked for the security police detachment at Neubruke army base and we met with the Hahn AFB security police quite often, the SP’s did talk about a werewolf siting at their base some time in 1987. There is also a story about the Morbach monster in Brad Steigers book on werewolves.

  2. I was stationed at Wueschheim AS., and lived at Hahn AB from Mar 1989 until Dec 1990. I was a SP and had many Hahn cop friends. They joked constantly about the werewolf of Morbach, but I never took it too seriously. I also worked at Area 9, near Metro Tango and that was a spooky place too. Great stories.

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