Are You Willing to Pay for Something ‘Bigger & Badder?’

Ever since Kickstarter (a funding site for artists, filmmakers, writers…etc.) and sites like it were created I have been getting loads of emails from directors and authors asking for money to get their projects off the ground. Well, I ignore the majority of these requests because either their project sounds awful or they are asking for WAY more money than necessary (I’m not going to help scam my own readers). But a few days ago I got a request from a filmmaker who is trying to create a short werewolf film titled Bigger & Badder, and it sounded and looked so good I had to give the guys some help.

Bigger & Badder is a short film in the process of being created. The team behind the upcoming werewolf film need a bit of cash to help them get Bigger & Badder made. The amount they are asking for is very reasonable and not over-the-top or greedy. Check out their pitch below, as well as the amazing werewolf they have already created (looks badass!).

The towns top dog hunts down one of his pack who’s taken a chunk out of his profits, only to discover he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

Trevor Deacon is not the sort of boss you want to disappoint. And Pete is about to find out why. After his first job as package boy is met with disaster he finds himself on the end of his villainous employers brutal interrogation. Trevor wants the truth, but unfortunately for Pete, the truth is hard to swallow. Can he convince Trevor of what events really took place that fateful night? Or will he find out exactly how big and bad Trevor can be?

Picture our short film as a cross between ‘Brighton Rock’ meets ‘The Howling’; ergo a classic British gangster flick with a deux ex machina moment launching the action firmly into creature feature territory.

We’re a team comprised mainly of BBC staff and freelancers, who are used to shooting fast turn-around, HD drama. With this in mind, we are scheduled to shoot this short film within 2 weekends and we’ll make sure all the money donated ends up onscreen.

As mentioned in our video pitch we’re looking for funding to bring our film to life. Our cast and crew are working on this film pro bono so your investment will go towards materials for practical & special make-up effects as well as the usual below the line costs.

We’re aiming to distribute the film to international & UK film festivals. We’re also looking to hold a short film showcase in Birmingham as part of the films premiere.”

Here’s another look at their werewolf (more picture can be found here):

If you want to see  Bigger & Badder you can head over HERE to donate.

What do you think of the film idea? Yay or nay?

– Moonlight

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