Are You a Werewolf? Do You want $5,000?

Here at we receive all sorts of messages from all sorts of people, but the e-mail we got from a group on deviantART was a first – they’re offering $5,000 to a real werewolf. Now all of you claiming to be a werewolf can prove it, and earn some cash in the process. Here are the details to the deal:

“…if you can prove to me in no uncertain terms that you’re an actual werewolf, I’ll personally give you $5000 in cash! This isn’t an empty offer, I’m being dead serious.

I’m pretty confident werewolves don’t exist, but maybe there’s someone out there in the world who can prove me wrong… If that’s the case, I CHALLENGE you to do so! I’ve hoped and dreamed to become one for so long now; maybe raising the stakes will grab the attention of some generous lycanthrope! ;)

If you’re a werewolf, post the evidence here. If you’re worried about privacy–and if I were a werewolf, I would be too–then feel free to contact me via note. If you’re still worried, send me an email from a disposable email account [link] as long as you list some way to contact you back. If that still isn’t enough, use your computer to connect remotely to a desktop in another country, and then route the traffic from the remote computer through a proxy server to talk to me through some obscure, encrypted IRC channel. Whatever it takes, I don’t care!

I know a lot of people on ~thepackplz, at the Google werewolf group page, here on dA, in personal emails, and many other places around the net have claimed to be werewolves. Thing is, they never have any proof; all they achieve is to tauntingly raise false hopes right out in front of me like a juicy steak, and then yank it away mockingly as I try to take a bite. I’d need solid, concrete evidence such as original-sized photos of yourself in werewolf form, a video of yourself transforming, etc. (Mental shifting or anything like that doesn’t count; has to be an actual physical transformation!).”

Read the entire post HERE.

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  1. I am not trying to lay claim. I will tell you that my Mother-in-law told me she thinks my husband is one. She said when he was young he would disappear in the middle of the night. They would find him in the morning asleep in the fields naked as a jaybird. Not exactly normal behavior for your average 6 year old. They couldn’t figure out how he was even getting out of the house. His sisters would even lay in wait for him trying to see how he was getting out. They’d find him 7 miles away! He grew up in rural PA so he was relatively safe. It took her a while to figure out it conceded with full moons. His appetite still changes every month and I have learned to sleep on the couch the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon. He is so restless he has actually knocked the mattress off of the boxspring and bed frame. I have a large crystalball. He can’t touch it because if he does it fogs up for hours. It will not even wipe clean. If he is tired or stressed the “symptoms” worsen. I know he craves raw meat and his temper is shorter around ” that time of the month”. I’ve seen him do some freaky stuff too. I have little faery figures in my shop, I’ve seen him spin them around by just looking at them. And don’t get me started about the snoring! It’s like 100 demons talking at once. So if you ask me if I’m married to a Were A: yes!

  2. Well I assure you that will be a very hard thing to ask for since most people that claim they are “Were’s,” most are “posers” and are role playing or think it’s cool to be one because of all the popularity of it in movies, shows, books and etc…

    But yes, there are real ones out there, but they are NOT going to broadcast it! First of all, I am sorry but you cannot “try” to become one. A TRUE WERE knows, it is in your bloodline, and from what I understand, can only be of a Native American or Scandinavian (Viking- the Norse) decent. But still you will never get a true Werewolf to show you these things, yes they shift, but not like your thinking (physical like the werewolf creature in the Hollywood movies). But the “shift” does take place in various ways: Astrally, Dreamlike, Mental, Emotional and things like this. But your looking for an impossibility here, in the physical. The animal part exists, within the human body…but it will not rip apart (out of the human body) like in the Twilight series either.

    There is also a “code” that is not vocal, it’s the “loner or pack” mentality. Only talk about these things among the kindred-spirits of “like.” Don’t need to prove anything to anybody, you just know.

    Awakening can happen at anytime of life, beginning, middle, end. It could be slow or fast. But when you are “aware” you will start to notice others of your kind everywhere, and yes even mates can come to you like this. You will just know, that you know in the deepest sense. Once awakened or awakening, everything will suddenly make sense to you. Things you do, things that have happened, likes and dislikes and etc…

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Werewolves your looking for… are only made up in the movies.

    But a word of thought… there is “shape-shifters” out there, so beware, you never know who you’ll run into in this “plane” or the next…

    ~Blessed Be~

    1. You said real werewolves do not shapeshift physically. But what if they already have physical traits that can be ascertained as “Wolfish?” Such as canine teeth that are a bit larger and sharper than normal, eyes that have some relative resemblance to those of wolves, or maybe even excess hair? Or what about senses? Good sense of smell, hearing, or even sight? If I am wrong, please don’t jump down my throat about it. It’s just an assumption.

      But then, on a personal note, I am curious if I am (as a whole) what you describe to be a werewolf. I AM of both Native American and Scandinavian descent, and I DO have shifts in my emotions and dreams. Unfortunately, I do not feel as though I’ve “awakened” yet. There may be a time, but at this moment in time, my own mind is in a state of turmoil, as if I’m fighting a battle with myself (I won’t go into detail, don’t worry). Course, this is the internet, and you might say I’m lying. But hey, a site like this is a good as any to post this. Any reply as to whether or not I could be considered a “werewolf” as you describe would be greatly appreciated. Because your interpretations of what a true werewolf is makes more sense to me than anything else I’ve heard. So on a final note, I thank you for that.

      1. You guys need to keep in mind that 99.9% of the time there are completely logical scientific reasons behind your symptoms. Colored eyes, being hairy, pointy teeth…etc. are all VERY normal traits that countless people have – it doesn’t mean that they are a werewolf. As for mood swings – same thing, it’s called hormones. Some days I am sweet as can be, the next day I’ll want to punch you in the face. Everyone has mood swings, it’s totally normal and it has to do with our hormones changing.

        Keep in mind that many of the ancient werewolf myths that we know of come from the fact that back in the Middle Ages they didn’t have our modern scientific explanations, so they blamed everything on magic. The supernatural was how they explained things they didn’t understand – like diseases. It’s like, when someone sneezed they thought that person was possessed by evil, nowadays we know that that’s not true. Or, if a baby died in its sleep they thought it was because of vampires, but nowadays we have science to explain the real reason people die.

        I’m not saying that there is no such thing as werewolves, but you guys need to be logical and use your head. Think first.

  3. NO one’s getting paid I can tell you that. I do NOT believe in being able to physically change from wolf to human. Changing your human shape is not possible. And oding all thse “spells” and chants and potions won’t work either.
    Like moonlight, said, some “syptoms” are perfectly normal things. I believe that SOME people can be otherkin and be able to spiritually shapeshift. Otherkin is not something you just say “i hav dis thing so i am werwolf!!!” These thigns are real and most people just want to fit in.

    Meanwhile, I am a spiritual werewolf, as I call it, meaning that while I will never phsyically transform I can mentally and spiritually chance into a wolf. Most therians call your mind UNVONTUNTARILY (meaning not on purpose)having their minds change to their therianside.
    This causes therians to have mood swings, irritability, and just not acting like themselves.

    So before you say “i hwl at deh moon and trnsform in2 a wolfeh!!” just think it’s not possible. No offense to anyone.
    And BTW you do not just become a otherkin one day. You are a otherkin the moment you are born so don’t be a poser once you see this post.

  4. What’s so weird to me is (NOT MAKING THIS UP )
    My niece told me this new girl who she hangs out with she has stressed this a lot she LOVES to eat meat and once she was weirded out because that day she went to lunch and wasn’t so hungry she her friend but knowing her so she wouldn’t be alone went to get something in the line and SURPRISE they had hamburgers 3 mini ones in a plastic bag and my niece said herself barely nibbling at her hamburger her friend says are you gonna eat that she says ‘nah’, that girl just takes the bread off and eats a plain patty and already had ate hers (again ONLY the patty) my niece so amazed she freaked out and kept it to herself till she told me.. I’ve always believed in werewolves this just proved me more… The way the girl looked was Thick (almost uni-browish) eyebrows, long hair looks thick and a little bit like she never brushes it and her eyes bold but the bags under her eyes not a lot but noticeable and lightly brown like she barely has sleep.. I don’t maybe a coincidence but way too risky to figure out…

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