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Are You a Werewolf? Do You want $5,000?

Here at Werewolves.com we receive all sorts of messages from all sorts of people, but the e-mail we got from a group on deviantART was a first – they’re offering $5,000 to a real werewolf. Now all of you claiming to be a werewolf can prove it, and earn some cash in the process. Here are the details to the deal:

“…if you can prove to me in no uncertain terms that you’re an actual werewolf, I’ll personally give you $5000 in cash! This isn’t an empty offer, I’m being dead serious.

I’m pretty confident werewolves don’t exist, but maybe there’s someone out there in the world who can prove me wrong… If that’s the case, I CHALLENGE you to do so! I’ve hoped and dreamed to become one for so long now; maybe raising the stakes will grab the attention of some generous lycanthrope! ;)

If you’re a werewolf, post the evidence here. If you’re worried about privacy–and if I were a werewolf, I would be too–then feel free to contact me via note. If you’re still worried, send me an email from a disposable email account [link] as long as you list some way to contact you back. If that still isn’t enough, use your computer to connect remotely to a desktop in another country, and then route the traffic from the remote computer through a proxy server to talk to me through some obscure, encrypted IRC channel. Whatever it takes, I don’t care!

I know a lot of people on ~thepackplz, at the Google werewolf group page, here on dA, in personal emails, and many other places around the net have claimed to be werewolves. Thing is, they never have any proof; all they achieve is to tauntingly raise false hopes right out in front of me like a juicy steak, and then yank it away mockingly as I try to take a bite. I’d need solid, concrete evidence such as original-sized photos of yourself in werewolf form, a video of yourself transforming, etc. (Mental shifting or anything like that doesn’t count; has to be an actual physical transformation!).”

Read the entire post HERE.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • August 15, 2010

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