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Are Werewolves Real?

We receive such questions so frequently here and at out sister site vampires.com that I’m going to create this post and then simply cut-and-paste it in the future. People are always writing in, asking whether or not werewolves are real. They may be seeking a simple yes or no answer, but unfortunately neither of those responses would be accurate. Do werewolves exist? If we’re talking about the werewolves we see in the movies, then no, they do not. But what about metaphorical werewolves, like certain serial killers? They are all too real. As a psychological archetype, the Werewolf most assuredly exists. But that’s just fancy talk, right? Talking about werewolves in CONCEPTUAL terms. What people really want to know is if there are any REAL werewolves.

The answer to this latter question is, maybe. They aren’t like the creatures in the movies, no. But such mysterious entities as the Beast of Bray Road and the Michigan Dogman certainly LOOK like what we think werewolves are supposed to look like. They are described by eyewitnesses as bipedal, shaggy creatures with wolf-like heads. That’s the stereotypical description of a werewolf. Do they exist? There is no hard evidence, but there have been numerous credible, compelling sightings. Are werewolves real, then? I would answer that question with a question: what exactly is a werewolf, anyway?

The Evil Cheezman • July 3, 2018

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