Are Werewolves in Danger of Extinction?

We have all heard ad nausaum about the war between werewolves and vampires, and their intense dislike for each other. Movies such as Twilight are still playing up to that age-old battle. But the feelings of animosity between these two might run deeper than even the emotions involved. It may in part be due to this war that’s been going on for centuries that may put modern werewolves in fear of becoming extinct. So whether you think werewolves could kick a vampire’s ass, or the other way around, there’s one thing that’s unquestionable – werewolves are much more likely to become extinct than vampires. And the war at the turn of the 18th century between the vampires and werewolves had a great hand in helping the werewolf population become closer to extinction.

It was during this war that younger vampires turned on the werewolf population, who up until that point had been seen as a fairly strong yet harmless group. Although some of the elder vampires helped fight against their young in order to protect the werewolves, many of the latter still did not survive the fight. This was the first blow to the werewolf population.

It was this war that also turned the human population against the werewolves. Because the vampires were attacking, humans considered anything unlike themselves as dangerous and evil beings that needed to be destroyed. Unfortunately, many of the remaining werewolves were lost during this subsequent attack. The humans were also attacking the vampire population however, vampires have certain skills and traits that help them lean towards immortality much more than werewolves do and so, the were population was much more vulnerable.

Another reason why the werewolf population is thought to be more at risk for extinction than the vampire population is because werewolves do not generally ‘change’ people in the same sense that vampires do. Vampires have uncontrollable urges that make them change humans into vampires and can do it without a moment’s hesitation. Werewolves are not generally thought to be like that and most often it’s actually thought that a werewolf cannot change a human simply by biting him.

There’s also the possibility that the theory of the werewolf gene being inherited and this could mean some hope for the werewolf population. Otherwise, let’s hope some of the other ways to become a werewolf, that we’ve discussed in awesome posts here and here, really do work!


  1. i belive i am a werewolve not because of the movie twilight or new moon i can bark and howl like a wolf and when my hair is wet i smell please take this commet seriously

  2. If you are then what am I? My eyes change colors depending upon my mood and I smell like springroses and rain…without wearing anything

  3. Im just a visitor to this site doing some reasearch a novel i hoping i can complete on the actual werewolf, Ive seen several documentaries on the vampires that i thought that my own kind needed some justice. I was born a lycan due to the indian and scotish blood running in my family line. I will say this site is very good alot better than some ive seen. But i must admit there is no real war between vampires and werewolves that is pure myth Vampire blood also runs in my family line and we have never been on opposing sides of the battle field. Movies like underworld and twilight caused this nonsense and many new members of our race tend to believe this, leading alot of them to look at beloved family members they once cared much for in disgust. If anyone is a true threat to the extintion of lycan and vampire races its human hatred and misunderstanding. A lot of us would like to stop hiding and greet are human breathern without wering a mask but until humans decide to look past what hollywood and myth want them to believe itll be along time before any of us come out of the shadows. Thanks again for this lovely site i especially love your diffrent myths they can really help me with my novel.

    1. Do you know how I can find a werewolf? I have been researching them for a while and have a deep need- (a longing if you will) inside me to meet them…. if they exist that is. Please help me!

  4. So um…do any of you know in what part of the world they can be found. I have this sudden urge to have their offspring.

  5. I love the genre we are in that makes werewolves easier to accept by human standards because it is an in thing, but the problem with this frenzy is that very little truth is shown in all the hype, true werewolves, or accurate knowledge of werewolf history is becomming excint

    1. Sadly, this is true. The world is getting smaller but it doesnt seem to affect humans at all. I mean as far as i know, but hell, i mean all i have been tought is kill, hide, hunt, fight. I truley wish that one day we wouldnt have to hide anymore and yes i know i am not doing a good job of it now, but i have given up trying to please everyone. I have tons of wolves up my ass(figure of speach) telling me how i am supposed to waste my life in hell. Half say “Don’t kill humans they will look for you”. Other half say “You should just accept what you are and give into your true nature, Oh yeah there is pleanty humans to go around!” I dont know nor am i sure if i care anymore. Oh good lord help me. I am going completly insain. I dont know anything anymore. Ugh, im going huntin.

  6. there are more ways to become a werewolf that i know of than ways to become a vampire.a vampire might want to change someone, but it would be hard for them to stop drinking the blood after they tasted it,they might just kill the persone they were trying to save.but vampires dont get old and there is no known cure for vampirism.werewolves and vampires might see each other as compition,the only thing to be afraid of,equals,or somebody else who understands.but its hard for a vampire to love a werewolf,their bites will kill any other umm…nearly human creature(in theory, im pretty sure im right, it makes sense.if i ever write a book this is how im writin’ it)

  7. well, I’m not trying to be insensitive or just plain bitchy but it Is hard for I’d to love vampires because they forced us into slavery and tortured us for years. All we want is to be left alone.

    1. Yeah, there is a bit of history between us and vampires that humans don’t know about. Vampires forced many of us into slavery offering a chance for us to hide from the humans while the witch hunting was going on. Those that refused so far as I know was slaughtered and those that accepted were slaves. The vampires originally were just being kind, once we all agreed that we were in their eternal debts the whole thing took a horrible turn. They decided that since we said we were in their eternal debt they took us caged us and tortured us( I won’t bother you with the gory details ) but that is why we loath vampires.

  8. i bet there are many secret histories like that.somebody should write a book.i was kinda expecting the story to be a little more ancient like “before common era”(2010 years ago).maybe there was more than one incedent over time.what other creatures are out there?if by any chance i get attacked and changed please reconize do humans kill vampires?vampire hunting societies still exist.its still pretty hard for vampires to kill each other.cremation seems like a reasonable way to kill a vampire.i heard christian talking about killing them,involving tearing,crushing,burning,no silly wooden stake through the brain.he sometimes plays vampires with his friends.maybe just to bug taylor.he can make a very good growl-hiss mom thinks i have some sort of obbsession over him WELL NOT UNTILL YOU STARTED TALKING ABOUT HOW CUTE HE IS!

  9. I dont know what others could be out there. The only way I have killed vampires in the past is by tearing them to shreds that’s all I have done. It works but I’m sure burning works just as well.

  10. cool!!!maybe a werewolves have something in their bite that kills vampires,like my theory.christian says a werewolf or other vampire can crush a vampire and the vampire will actuly crack.he says bodies get hard after death and with vampires this is exagerated with their stregth.christian keeps rescuing me in my dreams.

    1. Actually ur theory is right because I accidentally lost my temper at this park with my friend I didn’t want to change right there so I ran off I accidentally bit this kid that came by that happened to be a vampire. He started cracking jokes and poking me with sticks while I was changing so I snapped and tore him up.after I bit him I got scared afraid I bit a human. It wasn’t a big bite it was really small but my venom reacted with his causing him to die.

      1. In this comment you said you “tore him up” and then in the next sentence you said that it was a “really small” bite. Hmm.

        1. What I meant was I got so pissed off that I lost my patience on a whole new level where I’m from when werewolves get into fiights we call it tearing them up in the end of our fight I only bit him on the hand. It didn’t leave big marks. Sorry for the misunderstanding

  11. hey im making A novel on werewolves. the main charicter is named Sam and he falls in love with a werewolf named sasha and he get bit in the hand and has 7 days to decide to become a werweolf i kno tht might not happen but i thought it woulf=d make people want to read on and i want some strories from all of those fellow wolf, u see im a werewolf and i was bitt when i was 4 or 5 and i kno i have been asking to become one but a soon found out im a werewolf cause i changed. I am loving of being a werewolf cause i comtrol myself and only hunt animals. I dont care if u say thts immposible but i can. im not lying. plz belive me and u can conrol urself if u try. welll plz leave a comment. BYE 4 NOW!

  12. I find it kind of… um… cliche with whole Vampires vs. Werewolves genre. In all honesty I find it lame and highly improbable…

  13. In my opinion, I think some people think werewolves don’t exist because I think the last one may have either died or had been killed many years ago and nobody had been able to find any evidence.
    Which is why most people claim the werewolf as non-existent instead of extinct. But that’s just my opinion so…but it could be a possibility that they still exist. I can’t speak for the vampires though.

  14. I heard they are still around in Russia some (crazies where found) not saying it’s true I just don’t know how much to believe as to I had to over hear the phone call of my brothers(which I shouldn’t say much of) but he was rushed off to Russia with a highly trained team of soldiers and not packing none lethals either and in all honesty they may have been highly trained but I could see the fear in my brothers eyes and he’s dealt with some crazy shit in the military.

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