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Are Werewolves in Danger of Extinction?

We have all heard ad nausaum about the war between werewolves and vampires, and their intense dislike for each other. Movies such as Twilight are still playing up to that age-old battle. But the feelings of animosity between these two might run deeper than even the emotions involved. It may in part be due to this war that’s been going on for centuries that may put modern werewolves in fear of becoming extinct. So whether you think werewolves could kick a vampire’s ass, or the other way around, there’s one thing that’s unquestionable – werewolves are much more likely to become extinct than vampires. And the war at the turn of the 18th century between the vampires and werewolves had a great hand in helping the werewolf population become closer to extinction.

It was during this war that younger vampires turned on the werewolf population, who up until that point had been seen as a fairly strong yet harmless group. Although some of the elder vampires helped fight against their young in order to protect the werewolves, many of the latter still did not survive the fight. This was the first blow to the werewolf population.

It was this war that also turned the human population against the werewolves. Because the vampires were attacking, humans considered anything unlike themselves as dangerous and evil beings that needed to be destroyed. Unfortunately, many of the remaining werewolves were lost during this subsequent attack. The humans were also attacking the vampire population however, vampires have certain skills and traits that help them lean towards immortality much more than werewolves do and so, the were population was much more vulnerable.

Another reason why the werewolf population is thought to be more at risk for extinction than the vampire population is because werewolves do not generally ‘change’ people in the same sense that vampires do. Vampires have uncontrollable urges that make them change humans into vampires and can do it without a moment’s hesitation. Werewolves are not generally thought to be like that and most often it’s actually thought that a werewolf cannot change a human simply by biting him.

There’s also the possibility that the theory of the werewolf gene being inherited and this could mean some hope for the werewolf population. Otherwise, let’s hope some of the other ways to become a werewolf, that we’ve discussed in awesome posts here and here, really do work!

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kate • December 15, 2009

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